Friday , June 18 2021

Building a fire in Littau LU

In a multi-storey building near Littau LU train station, the fire broke out on Monday night. The three families were able to evacuate their rescue workers. The fire put fire under control.

A concierge heard an alarm at 10:30 a.m., smoke from the Cheerstrasse front of the station. On the ground floor and the first floor there is a fire on the ground floor, said Theo Honermann Fire Department commander in front of the Keystone-SDA agency.

At an apartment located at the top of the building, there is also a commercial, emergency services have acquired three people with an air staircase. Otherwise, nobody in the building. A firefighter suspected an infected poisoning.

Large-scale smoke development and high initial temperatures were caused by fire-fighting brigades caused by smokers. So, he first created open spaces to open fire near the fire.

By midnight, fire was under control. About a hundred people were used. The cause of the fire must be determined, as well as the amount of damage. According to Honermann, however, the fire within the building was limited. Rail traffic is not affecting operation. (SDA)

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