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"Cabin Whispers": Thomas Tuchele, with BVB, applauded Reus and Castro and had to leave the club

Updated on February 27, 2016 at 11:56 p.m.

Borussia Dortmund finished in partnership with the coach Thomas Tuchel in the summer of 2017, although the cup was a fascinated victory and enthusiasts. What was deleted then: BVB did not persuade Tuchel as a human being. The journalist Pit Gottschalk immediately came to the "Cabin Whispers" book.

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After only two years, Thomas Tuchele had to leave for Borussia Dortmund in the 2016/17 season.

The decision of the Sporty BVB leadership was incomprehensible. Tuchele won the DFB Cup twice and won the 2017 against Eintracht Frankfurt.

2.09 points, Tuchele scored an average match against the Bundesliga of the Borussia, with the previous successor to Dortmund.

Attack of the BVB bus bomb

He then arrived at the Westfalen bus bombing on April 11, 2017. The next day, the Tuchel players played in the first place against the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Monaco.

Although each one was his own life, all the BVB stars could not play an important issue.

At that moment, Thomas Tuchel was a psychologist, more human than a coach.

Former British media director Fun Gotzschalk Funke has said in his book "Kabinengeflüster" at Borussia Cabinet, and then Tuchel has lost the instinctive need and sensitive sensitivity of his staff. ,

Tuchele did not make the match according to the planned day.

Reus and Castro came tears

Marco Reus, now the leader and goalmaker of a famous young aspiring team, did not want to stay up against Monaco in the evening. He also felt the prime minister, Gonzalo Castro. During the discussion with Tuchele, the reports in Gottschalk would be tears.

On the previous day, as a result of the attack, Marc Bartra was the most injured, the club could play against all the players against Monaco.

Tuchel: "And should I beat Bayern with sissies?"

Meanwhile, Tuchel, under the impression of Reus and Castro's contempt, made a powerful statement: "And with the Sissies, will I defeat the Bavarians?"

Hans-Joachim Watzke's managing director's panel was finally cut. In particular, Tuchele defeated umschwenkte in Monaco after 2: 3 and has now criticized the date of the UEFA match: "We have to work".

Watzke 17 days later, Tuchel failed him. After discussing TSG 1899 at Hoffenheim, Westfälische Allgemeine Zeitung, when Gottschalk was a sports director, Watzke called for a possible disagreement: "Yes, yes."

Tsuall's affront after Watzke's conversation

Before starting the game, she lives up to the Sky series TV series, faced with this phrase, Tuchel responds. This endangers BVB season goals.

Watzk heard enough. Tuchel was a good sports record (he had only 107 wins in 107 competitions), two years before the history of Dortmund coaches.

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