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"Chalk teeth": The dentist warns of the disease, because teeth are scratching teeth

"Curly teeth" will allow color changes and surface fractures. Children who are experiencing this problem should consult a dentist regularly.

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Medical experts say illnesses that can be severely damaged today are widely used. Here, your teeth gradually disappear.

Berlin – Dentist warns dentists with curly teeth. In this disease, molars, but also in front of the teeth, hot, sensitive, cold or chemical stimuli.

"Curly teeth": hard surface of the blood, dental disintegration, pain

The teeth are rough and their teeth break down. Children would suffer pain while eating and cleaning their teeth. They can create disorders in the enamel mineralization, explained by the German Dental, Aho and Maxillofacial Surgery Association. Dirdentists are the listing of advice to make,

According to the Lehendakari German Pediatric Dentistry AssociationNorbert Krämer, on average, has ten teeth from ten to fifteen and is suffering from cotton wool. A new study has also been observed in 30% of children of twelve years old. Chalk teeth should therefore be called a new extended illness, said Krämer. The disease, molar incisive hypomineralization (MIH), was first described in 1987.

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The first tooth damage was done by medical associations It is already registered in the eighth month of pregnancyThere are currently several arguments discussed. Question during pregnancy, infectious diseases, antibiotics, varicella, dioxin and respiratory system. In animal experiments, the relationship between plastifant bisphenol A and tooth teeth has been detected. The unknown reason is unknown, write the association.

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du white-yellow, yellow brown on the surface with individual blood stroke to find teeth on the entire surface or to find them. Teeth breaks partially. Traditional dental visits, which cleans fluoride with toothpaste, help maintain medication Flouridlack treatments and broken teeth, said Stefan Zimmer, president of the German Health Prevention Association.

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