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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Mostly unknown but unfortunately a ridiculous illness

"Chronic fatigue syndrome" (enzymal myelotomy) implies an illness of 17 million people around the world, including 240,000 in Germany. Chronic fatigue as a symptom of many illnesses is not an alone syndrome.


Compared with the perception of the exterior, fatigue was not exhausted. The affected person is not tired, but the body can not generate enough energy to generate energy. It's not hard work.

Chronic fatigue does not work hard, but the body does not produce much energy. (Image: pressmaster / fotolia.com)

Myalgia encephalomyelitis

Often, within a few years, the right diagnosis is: Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

What are the symptoms?

Patients have exhausted – all the time. They increase sensitivity with light and trouble. Fatigue, irritability and cognitive disorders are not the main symptoms, unlike other types of fatigue disorders. As patients who suffer from mental illness, symptoms are associated with fatigue, for example, in depression.

Pain and cramps

Many patients suffer from severe headache, muscles and joints. Muscles, sleep disorders and neurocognitive symptoms are also trivit and cramps. Light sensitivity is sometimes so great, the damaged ones must be in dark rooms.

The German Society for ME / CFS warns on its homepage: "In professional and institutional traffic, ME / CFS is often misunderstood by the psychologically conditioned and outcome of outdated research." The only doctors in Germany have information on specific conditions and the damaged people have great difficulties in obtaining adequate health care. "

Daily regular life is not possible

The Aalborg University found in 2015 the quality of life of affected people in patients with pulmonary cancer or in people with stroke. For example, the fourth quarter of the affected area would not be able to leave the home, they would be very careful, and 60% would be disabled.
(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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