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Coop and Migros: Denner connects with Mars Boyly

The United States company seems to be dependent on retail trade in Mars. After Coop's end of the conflict, Twins and Nicky's boycott Migc boycotted. And now Denner is also moving. In an emergency, you are based on parallel imports.

At present, Migros is taking ten products from the United States to stop the order. This means that when articles go out in stores, the shelves remain empty spaces. Now, the affiliate of Denner Migros joins Boy Boyfriend. In BLICK, the confirmation of the spokesman confirms: "We are also in March and we will not accept it any more". Animal feeders and chocolate products may not disappear. What exactly Denner does not want to announce.

The presenter underlines that it is always traded. With Mars, the lecture apparently did not bring about the desired success. Now you want to put pressure on the list provider.

Mart's products roundabout

Also check that imports would be parallel. Denner has chosen this remedy several times in the past. The dealer does not buy directly affected suppliers, but it is diverted from foreign sources. In this way, the disconnector can have cheaper and exceed customer price advantage. In 2015, Denner was very successful with Czech Coca-Cola Coci. Switched fresh Swiss beverage packers and offered the same price for Czechs.

Denner also commits itself to the current cases: "The brands of Denner's Martian products will not be".

Both Coop and Mars are officially happy

The boycott of Migros and Denner is still in childhood. At Coop, the conflict was open for two years. There was no seller and supplier until February "to find a suitable solution," Coop Vice President Philipp Wyss told BLICK.

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