Saturday , July 2 2022

Crazy Opinion on Women's Immoral Offerings


Swiss star Latino Loco Escrito can not keep itself fan level. These include, in addition, many slippery news and offerings.

This year, "Adios" was successful in the summer as Loco Escrito (28) as a Swiss star. Without a doubt, it gets a lot of fans in the media – including lots of slippery!

"Every day I get images of nude women," says Loco Escrito, whose real name is Nicolas Herzig and comes from the Oberland of Zurich. "Many people write me, I want to marry, especially South American Latins, but it's a deeper punch, some people call me" Zältli "and I'd write.

He has already offered money for sex

But he makes it harder: "A woman has given me 3,000 francs for sex. And the elderly gentleman asked me if they would sleep with their young wife. Absurd!"

Men's messages, however, are restricted to Herzig. "Of course, homosexual men have already written to me, they seemed attractive to me, but I never had a pencil or something like that. On the one hand, men tighten even more," he says with a gesture.

He found an exciting news

The secretary does not offer exciting excitement: "Of course, at the age of 20, all women would be fascinated and partly upheld," Herzig acknowledges. "But today I am a daughter of almost three years of age and I have another thing in mind." She has had two nights with fans, but that's not her. «I'm looking for something to keep going».

After all, many of the fans' messages are beautiful and agreeable. "When people write me, how positively it affects my music and strength, then this is the most for me!"

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