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Facebook gives full information to teens

Facebook pays from 13 to 35 for data acquisition. In this way, the giant social media can also read in private words.

According to the media, Facebook has given teens money to get all of their activities on the smartphone. The users of "Facebook Research" aged between 13 and 35 would reach $ 20 per month. The tech blog "TechCrunch" wrote on Wednesday night that Facebook collects online "online" routines with the "research" application.

The requested permissions will allow the app to access the conversations of chat services, the photos and videos sent, the addresses of the websites visited and the monitoring applications, among other things, said IT Strupach's security expert on the blog. At first it was not clear exactly what Facebook's information was.

The users had to send their Amazon shopping list

The users of the application therefore recruited as a participant in a line of behavioral research and a private collection of data. In the case of minors, parental authorization is requested. At the same time, it was not always clear that Facebook was behind the test. Some users have requested to send a list of Amazon orders.

The online network operated the "Onavo" application earlier as the VPN tunnel connection is secure. At the same time, Facebook also provided important information about other well-known services from other users. Apple banned them from downloading platforms for download application data last year after tightening the rules.

The "Facebook Research" application will now be installed on Apple iPhones, it was written "TechCrunch". Facebook offers you the chance to play phones for your company in your company. From the IT Strafach expert point of view, this approach is a violation of Apple's regulatory rules for applications, which Facebook has denied. (SDA)

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