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Grosshöchstetten BE: man (52) Hausbrand died

In Grosshöchstett's multi-storey house, it sparked fire on Tuesday night. 52-year-old father died

On Tuesday afternoon, at about 22.45, he started the alarm news: in Grosshöchstett's town they smoke a large family home. When rescue and rescue teams arrive at the place, they suffer from smoke and flame on the upper floors of the dwellings. Several residential homes were outside the building at the time, but stated that a resident was still missing. The fires' brigades were able to bring fire to control and eventually shut down.

Among firefighting operations, rescue workers were able to find and rescue a homeless housing at the top of homes. The suicide bomber of 52 Swiss suicides informs the Cantonese neighborhood of Berna. Six home residents were inspected by two ambulance groups. A person was peeling through the fire, but he did not need to be in hospital.

The multi-purpose house is no longer in existence. The affected residents found a temporary housing solution. For the duration of the mission, the streets of the town had to be closed, a deviation was established. In addition to the Konofire and Grosshöchstett firefighters' banners, the Bernese brigade professionals and the people responsible for Berne Cantoning were also responsible. A fire station was delivered. (King)

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