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How hormone affects our body now

Spring is not around

The sun is bright, the temperature rises, so it's a good mood. Outdoor activities are re-augmented, more rigorous and you meet a happy smile on the go. The famous spring fever eventually wakes up from hibernation. But what about hormones when curing our body?

Serotonin and endorphin make you happy

Psychological studies have shown that spring feelings really exist. When the rays of the sun receive the skin, the brain releases more and more endorphin hormones. Endorphins are a messenger formed in the glandular pituitary, it acts as a cancer and has been released in positive experiences. Formation of sex hormones also goes into endorphins. Other glandular hormones that stimulate other sunlight are another serotonin. The body is more relaxed, balanced and happy and is also known as activity hormone. Serotonin antagonist, melatonin of the sleep hormone, in winter and in summer transitions. We feel more alert and active again.

Spring breaks into hibernation as spring approaches. (Image: Jürgen Fälchle /

Testosterone production increases in spring and summer

Men's sex hormone, testosterone, rises in the spring and summer. But it is not just sex hormone. The testosterone psyche is also important and men feel physically better. Women do not have such a seasonal hormone rhythm.

Spring feelings can be increased through sports

If you are still active under sunlight, you will notice that the feeling of humor and happiness are even greater. Many studies have shown that soul causes the mental effect of mind. This is the responsibility of substance messaging, such as endorphins and morphine, analgesics and mood effects.

Vitamin D is a sunlight

The delight of the sun's rays has a positive effect on good humor. Several studies have shown that there is a clear correlation between depressed mood and lack of vitamin D. For example, the atmosphere of depression of Mediterranean coexistence was almost unusual in Scandinavian lifestyle.
If vitamin D is deficient but it is balanced, the mood increases. Healthy people explain vitamin D mainly in the sun's light. Sun radiated arms and legs should be hands, faces and legs. The body uses UVB radiation from the sun and the vitamin D produces a prior change in the liver cholesterol in the skin. It is important for bones, immune systems and muscles.
"Solar light, with the whole color spectrum, is important for us, we produce messenger substances, that is, hormones," the doctors say.

Empathy and concentration when rising temperatures and more lightness

When the temperature rises, man is not more than a better mood, besides being more human, it becomes gentle and pleasant. This influences the fact that other people are not stressed, and at the same time they are more encouraged. Felicity is contagious. Sun also promotes health and concentration and makes people more efficient and happy. (FM)

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