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Influenza: Flu Wave 2018/19 News: Symptoms and vaccine – Science

The 2018/19 liver epidemic is now full swing. Here is information on the flu: symptoms, infection, vaccine, and important events and figures.

Flu news: questions and answers about flu

The epidemic of end-to-end illnesses still holds researchers and doctors, since the flu epidemic 2018/2019 is already expanding Germany. Today, this flu event is not as severe as in the last winter, although this can not be definitively estimated. Questions and answers at a glance.

how Many people were in a previous one flu occurrence Ill?

According to Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the flu epidemic in the past in 2018 was the strongest in 2001 in Germany. "About nine million people have gone to the doctor for the flu because of the illness," said Silk Buda researcher at RKI. "There were two million more people than the spread of the epidemic between 2012/13 and 2014/15."

Flu epidemic demands more and more victims: 60,000 patients and 127 months

When has the flu epidemic started? usually?

The annual flu epidemic is usually in December / January and lasts for three or four months. The peak of the 2018/2019 flu will be a peak this spring.

How dangerous is the current flu epidemic?

That can not be said clearly. The force of the waves can change year after year. In the past, strong and weak years were often changed. In recent years, several heavy waves have been met, according to RKI.

Flu Wave 2018/2019: Symptoms

Causes of influenza are viruses among A, B and C scientists. For humans, seasonal influenza viruses are particularly important for A and B. They can be transmitted through small drops – a tightness is enough. Above all, the dexterity is to rapidly change the individual genes of the flu virus.

Influenza virus transmission mainly causes droplets, especially in coughs or thighs, and reach a small distance from the respiratory contact mucous membranes. Air-transmitting evidence is also a cloud-like color cloud.

In addition, flu transmission is also possible in contact with the secretions contacted by the microscope directly in contact contacts, using the mouth and hand in the nose following contact, for example dispersion.

Is the flu vaccine useful?

"More vaccinations would prevent more illness," says Robert Koch Institute's Silk Buddha Institute (RKI). Already in the 2016/17 season, RKI expects 22,900 deaths to die in Germany. "It could be a wavelength of the past," says experts.

What is the significance of a group of people causing a vaccine?

The Permanent Vaccine Committee (STIKO) recommends a vaccine for over 60 years, chronically, of pregnant women and doctors and nursing staff at all ages. The German Heart Foundation uses a heart attack especially for the flu vaccine, especially the risk of the previous illness. In addition, 60-year-old patients receive a pneumococcal vaccine.

When do you need a vaccine?

Inflammations are the flu, especially in October and November. Until vaccine protection is fully developed, spend ten days.

How does the vaccine work?

In new arrivals, the vaccine may have a protective effect of 80%. The elderly can reduce the risk of approximately half, so the effectiveness is between 40 and 60 years. A vaccine is the best protection against influenza.


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Is it a recommended vaccine for pregnant women?

Yes, absolutely. So it is advantageous for the baby to have the flu in the first months. "The Stimulating Vaccination Committee (STIKO) recommends a vaccine against influenza vaccine during the second trimester of pregnancy, the first disease in the first trimester of pregnancy (with illnesses such as pregnancy or asthma)," StiKo reads the website.

What else does it protect against flu?

The vaccine is one of the most important protective measures in spite of the different seasonal effects. Furthermore, it must be mainly hand cleaned to reduce the risk of soap and low-risk illness. (AZ)

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