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iOS 12.2: These features have come up

A few days ago, Apple released the iOS version 12.2 beta. These changes are between the OS.

Recently, Apple released the latest beta public release update for iOS. It is a 12.2 version of the mobile operating system.

Among other things, updates may solve known problems with Apple Pay (you can not sign in when choosing a card), iCloud Photos (uploading a problem by sharing photos) and error messages to buy Wi-Fi unconnected packet data (away). , The Wallet application also includes a layout update.

It looks like the screen feature

(Source: Apple)

With more care, however, the display time feature has been revised: until now, you can determine general time value, whether or not activated. Now, you can assign an individual time each day of the week, where only the selected applications and phone calls can be confused. Other boosts, messages and calls are locked for the duration specified.

Next comes a bit of refreshment for the healthcare appliance: heartbeats are abnormally high or low, and alertions about heart rhythms are readily available as read-only alerts.

AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support are also familiar to those involved in the game – users can also allow access to the network through their own home appliances (third-party manufacturers).

Data functional security is also new: Safari allows the user to decide whether or not to allow their mobile data to be accessed on their websites, that is, they can be decided individually for each website.

Ultimately, but not least, the rumor of the new iPod and the new iPads is likely: the developer Steve Troughton-Smith has found traces in iOS 12.2 and published on Twitter.

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