Friday , July 1 2022

Jussi Jokinen – Wandervogel Kloten as guest star


Jussi Jokin (35) is a noble strength for EHC Kloten. Because Finn has landed on the Swiss league because the player is down because the club only accepts its condition.

Entering and playing a new group of a month – Jussi Jokinen has nothing special. "I have practiced last season," Finn says part of the bull's humor.

Reason: after the 12 NHL seasons and after each multi-year contract in the club, its 13th season is bitter. Jokin is in the hands of four teams (Vancouver, Columbus, Los Angeles, Edmonton), becoming a haunting bird.

Although it is called "Suitcase Season", a season full of suitcases, it swallows 35 years of bitter mourning and sees it as positive: "It has been a new experience until I am a human being. It was somehow planned."
However, he does not want to repeat that. "As older children, the harder one will not stay home for a long time. I had to bring this sacrifice." His Finnish wife, seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son, lives in Jokin Park on the four-year Florida coast. They like family.

That is why the Finn wants to take another international season to the NHL. But in Detroit it was tested in September, it can not impose any contract. Other NHL clubs only offer a two-way contract, but goes to AHL.

«Kloten was the best option»

Currently, the striker has 951 NHL games with his belt (the playoffs are not counted for statistics), he cracked 1000 marks. "That's what my purpose has set for me." This is so close to lies, not retiring. The NHL pension will increase substantially, emphasizes.

Jokina is in practice to play NHL. After training month at the Florida Hockey School, he is looking for a club that is ice age for a month. "Kloten was the best choice." Everyone else preferred it.

He has jumped alongside himself and his features, and will be debuting against Rockets in Ticin with six points. Now there are ten points in four games. Jokin made the NL representative with Zugekin ahead of him. "This is a good test. For me and for the team, it's like a geek."

The guest look of Jokin Kloten lasts until December 5. Then he returns to his family. He wants to sign the NHL contract sometime in January. This does not work, it is committed to Switzerland or Sweden. Initially, there is no question in the country's tax reasons.

Moreover, the veteran is still not thinking: "Two, I was three years before. I also love hockey".

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