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Karl Lagerfelden earned money (85)

After Karl Lagerfeld's death, he inherits his fortune. Now there are first speculations.

Last week, Karl Lagerfelden's fashion icon died at the age of 85. According to the budget, he left 900 million French people. The willingness of German living in Paris has not yet been opened. "Bunte" is now supposed to be, but it should be clear that a large part of millions of assets will go to Lagerfeld's employees. Similarly, his goddess Hudson Kroenig (11) must be considered.

Lagerfeld also thought of his cat Choupette. At the end of life, he will take care of two babysitters and a chef in his luxury apartment.

There is no family money

The family of Lagerfeld, on the other hand, must fail. His sister and his deceased sister were two dead. However, according to will, children will not receive any money.

Lagerfelden's fortune is no coincidence, as well as being the leading designer of luxury labeled "Chanel" and "Fendi", he also sold his name, such as perfume licensing products. As an interior designer and photographer, he was willing to spend the small changes. Lagerfeld won 90 million pounds per year. (BNR)

Virginie Viard is the successor to Karl Lagerfelden

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