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Kerstin Ott is delighted to throw "Let's Dance"

Kerstin Ott will not be in the "Dance" episodes. However, the singer does not throw tears.

Usually it is a sad moment for the candidates, at the end of "Dancing Let's", it means that they do not permit dance. Kerstin Ott (37) encouraged yesterday that presenters revealed that the singer was not there. The next conversation also saw a delighted smile on "Die always laughter" -HitMacherin.

His dancing before a salsa, Ott acknowledged that he did not really want to be part of the RTL program: "We are in the fifth show, and I'm still not a guy and a guy, but it's a bit harder for me this week. Feel: "I'm sorry I do not have such a place. And I can not say the camera every week, call me when I think, "Please, do not call me anymore." I feel bad. Dance »

"I did not see the fire".

For Joachim Llambi for the juror (54), this attitude was a concern. Finally, Ott signed a contract: "If you have done more or less, you can not do it, you will not be able to do it. I did not see a fire. Otts dance judgment is bitter: there is only one point in Llambi at seven jury members.

And also, the audience ended with the singer – for their delight. When Ott did not receive a call and he exclaimed, he encouraged: "It was a salvation, I'm so happy."

By the way: Regina Luca (30), along with her dance partner, still shed tears of disappointment. Juror Llambi can well understand. "Of course, the heart is played for dancing and if someone says it, you take it personally," said today "Bild." (KLM)

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