Monday , November 29 2021

Malwarebytes software locks network printers under Windows


17. November 2020 – Since its update in October, Malwarebytes ’private and business clients have not been able to use Windows network printers.

Anyone who has installed security software for Malwarebytes companies or private users is unlikely to be able to use network printers under Windows, as Bleeping Computer says. According to the report, updates from October 20, 2020 ensure that security solutions block access to network-connected printers and show that Windows devices are offline.

The problem can be fixed by turning off Malwarebyte applications before printing or by permanently shutting down web protection. Another solution is to disable the SNMP protocol for the printer connection. For its part, Malwarebytes has only released an updated beta version so far for the consumer version, which is supposed to fix the bug. (Apr)

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