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McLaren at the best of Wednesday: nothing but hot air!

(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren was the first team to go off on the sixth day of the Barcelona GP trips. Carlos Sainz has set the best time of 1: 17,144 for the new MCL34, faster (or earlier) than any other driver in the winter. The best time value is manageable.

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz assured McLaren that he will not be one of the best teams in 2019 zoom

A group that is still raging by Renault says it's the first 1:17 a week since the first week, and teams like Alfa Romeo dare to 1:16 times. Ferrari is today, as a benchmark for all, many believe that the absolute top to run at 1:15. Which McLaren followed in a few seconds and a half seconds behind.

"It's always nice to be the first, but we will not play in Melbourne, we can not win the race, so we're a bit relaxed," said Sainz. "These are just tests, and the race classification was improving for the car".

Competitive GPS data suggests that the fastest MCL34 racer was pushed quickly to the gas station. Later, Sainz could repeat his time. After all, the tires speak with him, instead of replacing C5 with C4 because he had Pirelli. McLaren could lead theoretical 1:16 times, assuming that C5 was faster than C4 in 0.6 per second from 0.7 tenths.

Data are suggested: less fuel than ten kilograms of fuel

McLaren, as he agrees, is not part of the circulation of the absolute top teams. Why did she want to know why she wanted to know news from Sainz Wednesday nights in Chiapas? "If it's okay," he raises Spanish, "then we saw what we did today." Buzzword is "Glory-Run" on the Internet.

Video Analysis: This was the sixth test day

What is Carlos Sainz's best winter winter worth? There's a lot, think our experts, and watch Crash Ferrari follow pole More Formula 1 videos

The director of the Zak Brown team is not yet selling McLaren's sponsorship space to meet financial problems. Millions of wallets hanging on the neck, disguised as a bonus (so-called "bonds"). A winter test, where the new ambassador Fernando Alonso was presented, on the one hand, and while the heir is driving the best time, sends the right message. But McLaren's first place is not the smallest substance, and knows drivers.

Balance, reliability: not clarify problems

The car, in fact, says "better" Sainz. But there are still "balance problems" to be clarified, "we are progressing gradually. We have a long period of time and we have to work hard because there is no place where we want to be there," says 24 years ago. "17.1 in Barcelona, ​​it's pretty fast, but Ferrari and Red Bull are very different."

Therefore, in McLaren's Renault MCL34 reliability it is not possible to leave all childhood diseases. Gil de Ferran, the director of sports at Sainz's 130th, returns the "worst" on Wednesday, but admits that "I would love to say it was an unlucky day, but it's true that they still have to face small difficulties."

After all, the new Renault engine is a "good move", praising Sainz. Frenchman has found rumors about 40 hp from the end of 2018. Only: "When all engines are back in Australia and we see them quickly, then we will only know that the weight of the engine is sufficient."

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