Saturday , January 16 2021

National League: Should Currito be the ZSC coach?

Today the ZSC season ends. Now he is the coach of Arno Del Curto (62). LOOK pro and the opposite.

Pro (Stephan Roth)

Arno hockey – Arno Del Curto has no doubt to be a ZSC assistant. When Zurich missed the missions, he never achieved a high level of performance. Serge Aubin was dismissed as lion lions in January.

Then the situation has never been relaxed. When the new season starts, ZSC does not need more help. Zero starts again. And for the first time you missed the Champions League you need more time to properly prepare.

Summer Del Curto can charge its batteries. In Zurich, when he gets a new contract, he no longer has to worry about all the club details – like Davos. After four coaches (Hans Wallson, Hans Kossmann, Aubin and Del Curto) only two years have gone by, and the ZSC finally rested and moved forward.

Restarting with another coach will be a serious person and would be given a bad signal to the players. You would continue to enter a circle. Del Curto is a good coach for this team. The ability to inspire, challenge and animate players, watch them and convey joy, Del Curto has not kept up.

Real snow hockey – fearless and half-measure – is what fans want to see.

Against (According to Dino Kessler)

To paint – The meeting point for the ZSC Lions meeting is whether Argi Del Curto is a good man. Otherwise, six times the coach would be equipped with a new contract.

Doubts are justified. The warming relationship did not help, Del Curto did not, much less ZSC Lions. On the other hand, the painting is turned off, shaking the monument. The break Del Curto was supposed to be after the Davos cycle, retirement, perhaps even stronger. The power of memory was stronger, his beloved Zurich, Hallenstadion, magical nights, a unique atmosphere. Emotions Attractive.

But Hallenstadion is not a time limit. The emotional impulse stayed for a few nights, then the honeymoon ended. Now he has lost the nimbus, the man who can activate any player, after playing a little, ZSC, champion defender, has temporarily disappeared.

The result is never a news bulletin, Del Curto has not been able to enforce his philosophy. The summit was perhaps Mathias Seger. Seger is not a blame. Del Curto wanted the legend of the ZSC in another workout, so it probably changed from the Polo team perspective. Del Corto is no longer the strongest? ZSC Lions should redo itself.

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