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"Park sinners" Hans Müller is the uncle of the Council of the whole country

"Parker sinners" Hans Müller of Ermensee LU wants to pay more than a fine of imprisonment. Now it turns out: his nephew is the councilor Damian Müller. Uncle understands it.

Pensioner Hans Müller (69) prefers to pay 20 days in prison for a fine of 2,000 francs. When Müller forgot his vehicle, on the floor of his home on Ermensee LU (it was reported by Blick).

But do you prefer to pay a fine for three weeks? "I'm not surprised," what he needs to know. His nephew Damian Müller (34) – State Council of FDP in Luzern. "He has only the principles of Uncle Hans!" He says. "This is a statement that, instead of paying the fine, he prefers to go to jail."

"Freshness is hard to grind"

Damian Müller does not know the case, and his uncle – "it's good!" – He never touched, otherwise he could try. But: "Millers are hard to grind".

Müller speaks with experience: He was elected to the United States Council for almost four years, at the age of 30. Müller was previously unknown, he appeared as an outsider and in his first attempt at the leap in Bern.

Why was there no consensus?

Her uncle was prosecuted by the Hochdorf district court for multiple violence. Since the car was in the parking lot for two hours in 2015 – and his neighbor, beside the factory, avoided the motorway. Why is this advertisement back in the right direction? Therefore, Müller must pay a fine of 2,000 francs, including legal and legal costs of almost 10,000 francs plus. "My wife and I lived pensions," says Hans Müller Blick. That is why he prefers buses in prison.

He paints too much: "I do not know why the prosecutor's office is busy for three years with a car that is parked incorrectly." His nephew can not understand that. Finds: "The truth is not understood as trying to find a consensus agreement already."

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