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Piracy giant traste – New boss Novartis boss does not lose time – News


Vas Narasimhan has been in office for a year: 42-year-old American is rapidly rebuilding the team. Basel meeting.

On February 1, 2018, Vas Narasimhan moved his main office to the pharmacy business campus of Basel. Through it, it was the only prestigious office. Instead, he worked with others in the open office.

That is why Narasimhan has made it clear on his first day at work: Novartis should change a lot. He thinks it does that too. The 42-year-old corporate director says that corporate culture has been massively improved: the workers are "entrepreneurs", independent on the road. Corporative culture calls "un-bossed" without a "boss".

Focus on high-tech medicines

Corporate culture is one thing. The company structures the other. The Indian roots continue to accelerate American corporate restructuring. In the last year, Novartis bought or sold 50 million dollars of the company.

"Everything that Novartis has focused on the high-tech business business," says Narasimhan. For example, a company has bought about $ 9 million, developing gene therapy, personalized treatments for serious illnesses. Such immunotherapies are promising and will soon be able to dump the treatment of cancer and other illnesses.

Then Narasimhan sold his business with simple and non-medical medicines. Alcon – daughter, ophthalmic manufacturing – will soon be distinguished as an independent company.

Director of Pharmacy: Novartis should be more profitable. It also moves the entire department of the rest of the countries and cuts the works. In Switzerland more than 2000. This creates very disturbed employees.

Exceptional less than anticipated

These are the plans to get the most dynamic Managing Director. At the same time, he leaves himself: usually, he leaves his tie in the wardrobe, which is a classically dark suit. Even today, in the presentation of business figures, in the media view.

Narasimhan earns much less than his predecessor. He relaxed, approached and determined. He says: "We have a lot of plans. Now we have to provide continuous results every year."

Take the sleeves

But researching high-tech medicines is risky. And in major markets – in the US – there has been a cold debate at the high prices of drugs. Warnings are prices, which Novartis can publish, has fallen in the last year.

And, according to Narasimhan, they will continue this year. Its strategy: "Implementing the 2019 sleeves and the development we started in 2018". He says, well aware, that the shareholder will judge by his promises, but according to his results.

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