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Pop star Beatrice Egli for his parents divorce

Separate and still a family: pop star Beatrice Egli (30) divorced parents in spring.

Heartache, Beatrice Egli (30) sings her successes repeatedly. In the perfect world of successful songs, it is not always about "real joie de vivre", that is, Egli is also applied personally. In March, Pfäffikon SZ's fleshly daughter was divorced. As the "Glückspost" writes, Egli's partner has secretly separated ten years.

"That's not true. I'm very disappointed," says Ida Egli (54) yesterday at the town square that visits BLICK at her butcher's shop. Evidently, it's moving, tears are in the eyes. "I know the truth. And it's true my husband Bruno lived in Pfäffikon three months ago. Not only in the home, but also in bedstead!"

He lived for years

It's true that Beatrice Egli's father is not working for a family business for ten years. "He has a dining room and sells spices". Family happiness is not subject to discrimination. "Everyone is here behind. You live in a couple of years, but we still have Beatrice's parents and our two sons. We're like a family first."

Orgel is the pop star Beatrice's mother, the distinction has appeared peacefully. There is no accusation among these noises: "After 33 years, we had a full divorce lawyer in the round, although it has a common property, all of which says."

Although holidays can be shared together. "My birthday in autumn, we went to the southern ports three days ago, with my husband Bruno," says Ida Egli. To celebrate the birth of a famous daughter, Beatriz, one day to Portugal.

Heal the family world

Mother Egli denounces the "blissful" voice, because people have faked the ideal family world, so that the widow does not avoid the steep rise of heaven-sky. Beatrice's star shines in 2013.

Dieter Bohlen (64) "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" won the unknown after the Schwyz final talent, 70.25% of the audience votes. Ever since then, blonde beam is one of the most popular women, not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany. It is easy to maintain with Megastar Helene Fischer (34).

Pop star spirit of the family

That's why Egli never comes out, so that the closeness to the public and their authenticity are so popular. It is not a brand product, but it has always left it completely. The best clothes you like most in this day on the lap of the family. When he does not turn, he returns home to his mother Ida and his younger brother Marcel (28) under the roof. For lunch, he sat in the butcher's shop with his family, where he stayed behind.

Beatrice Egliek wants to search her own apartment for about a year, on Australian holidays and on the "Stars auf See" cruise. The most important thing for the future of the future is one thing: "It must be close to the family". And in Lake Zurich "I need water".

Christmas celebrates the whole family together

Parents' distribution confronts them well and does not silence Eglis's harmony: "We're still Christmas and family together," says Beatrice Egli LOOK. "Married or not".

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