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Primary Health Insurance: Graphic Controversial over Graphics Premiums 4.

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These 4 charts show how many cantons are stingy with premium restrictions

He has ruled a court ruling that has been resolved by the Supreme Court: Lucerne Corners has taken into account the minimum subsidies for insured insurance. This directs the big differences between corners. Who is absurd, who is generous? Overview


  • Cantonese Lucerne has reduced the income limit to reduce premiums. The Supreme Court of the Federal Republic called Lucerne SP. Lucerna reduced the income of Swiss francs to Swiss insurance for children and young people.
  • Cantons must reduce at least 50 percent the minimum educational cost for children and young people in low and middle classes. In the definition of income level, they enjoy "free choice", according to the Supreme Court. However, 54,000 CHF Lucerne's income limit conflicts with the "spirit of the federal law and the spirit". Only subsidy of the middle-income spectrum will be subscribed.
  • The judges did not mention an absolute limit on their judgment, mentioning 86,000 francs. According to the Federal Public Office (FOPH), households with income are made up of half of the population between 70 and 150.
  • On Monday, media talk, SP Swiss summoned all the neighborhoods to consider the income of the Supreme Court. Otherwise, he will not complain.

This is in the cantons state – four graphics

Basic values

  • 2017 was fully received 2.3 million insured in 1.35 million houses Premium subsidies. That corresponds 26.4 percent All insured.
  • Total, 2017 4.48 million francs for the first restrictions, which are 2.62 million francs Federal contributions.

How many insurers receive premiums?

According to the latest data from 2017, Schaffhausen corner is faced with 34.5% of all insured persons with reduced premiums per premium (BTI). The Taillight Federal Court is 19.2% of the Lucerne canton.

How has the proportion of premiums with premium reductions changed?

Most insured persons in 2012 less than in 2017. It was the biggest drop in Nidwald's canton, which insured less than expected in 2017 in 2012. In 2012, Nidwalden awarded 46% subsidy in 46% in 2012, only 23 points in 2017. Lucerna's condemned singer in 2012 still afforded 32% of insured low prices in 2017, only 19.2%. On the contrary, the proportion of those insured in 2012 was greater in Basel-Stadt, Vaud, Bern and Schaffhausen corners.

Here, medium-sized companies have removed premium subsidies

The recipients of Social Welfare and those who receive supplementary AHV and IV benefits also receive premium reductions. If these insured persons are not at the lower end of the income level, the development of the major reductions in the insurance of small and middle-sized households will be analyzed.

The figures recognize the ruling of the Supreme Court: in Lucerne Canton, for example, 46,296 non-contributory social security benefits in 2017 and supplementary benefits received a premium reduction. This is half of 2012, with almost 96,215 insured. In Nidwalden, the decline in the number of insured middle classes with primary premiums is even higher (2017: 17,719 people, 2012: 7822 people).

Therefore, the total number of insured underprivileged premiums has been developed

The absolute greatest reduction in insurances insurance is recognized by the Cantonment of Lucerne, although there are additional social benefits and benefits. In Lucerne, the number of insured persons per premium decreased approximately between 123,000 and approximately 78,000 under 2012 and 2017. One of the largest rises was registered in Vaud Canton, where the number of insured persons with primary premiums was between 179,000 and 230,000 between 2012 and 2017.

In 2018 you have to pay your health insurance

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