Thursday , January 21 2021

Renewal of the resignation of the SVP National Council of SVP?

Bern SVP reassures the limitation of selected civil servants. To do this, Adrian Amstutz will direct the national council, if necessary, to re-elect.

Adrian Amstutz (SVP) resigned? His Cantonal Berne has facilitated the office leadership, so his emblem can compete again.

Berne Kanton will have fewer seats in the next National Council elections. The national party Hansruedi Wandfluh said on Monday afternoon that he was able to defend the ninth seat in front of the Belpe delegates, which seemed to have a great potential for voting.

In the case of cases, the parties were able to recover the limits of the two-thirds majority.

Debates debated

The proposal was discussed by the delegates: "The time limit was introduced at that time to allow the couch not to seat and allow the boy to move," said one delegate.

Another has stated that Adrian Amstutz has long been known to have stopped building an alternative. "Then we will not be in four years", concluded the representative.

Amstutz decides a few days

Amstutz has thought for a while. He took part in the interview and left it in the hall. After the decision came back, the representatives received a prayer standing.

He prepared for his retirement. The new starting position puts its plan slightly on the edge. He understood what he could remember more than a few days ago.

The woman "Ball-Verni" at the same time

For the moment, SVP still leaves the electoral list of the National Amstrutos Council. Nadja Günthör, former wife of Swiss bulldozer, is a second-placed occupant.

Werner Salzmann is the president of Bern SVP in the State Campaign. He was named fatherland.

BDP wants to defend the seat

Currently, the two states' councils are Hans Stöckli (SP) and Werner Luginbühl (BDP). Stöckli wants to stand for election to the next election. Last week Luginbühl would not show up again. BDP wants to defend the seat with Bernese Finance, Beatrice Simon.

FDP Christa Markwalder, National Councilor, should be told by Greens Regula Rytz, the National Councilor for GLP Kathrin Bertschy. Marianne Streiff-Feller is ready with EPP. (SDA)

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