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Rivian R1T EV: Get out of the electrical drive

LA Auto Show 2018

Rivian from the American outing announces an electrically-powered pick-up. Rivian R1T EV will start in 2020. Now is the first information.

Tesla's boss Elon Musk spent a lot of years on the electric power pickup truck. The specified two-wheel model Y would have to come after. If he does not keep his words, Rivian is starting up from Ohior, because Rivian wants his R1T EV on roads in the United States of America by 2020. According to the current plans, the first vehicles will be available until 2019. Rivian R1T EV premiere in a series of 92 series serial L.A. In the Auto Show section.

Rivian R1T EV has its own double cab and has four doors in the US standard pick-up truck. It has a length of 5.50 meters and has a wheel of 3.45 meters. The rear and rear edges, as well as the variation of 20 to 35 centimeters of ground, thanks to the adjustable air suspension, have enough off-road capability to be guaranteed. The depth of welding should be around a meter. Thanks to the low level of gravity, the grade has a clear 45 degree note.

640 km

In the general concept, Rivian, like many conventional compact discs, has a steel ladder frame and an aluminum plastic body. Rivian uses the frame, however, to complete the battery pack, in addition to the disk components. Depending on your configuration, this is 105, 135 or 180 kWh and you can get 640 kilometers of distance. Battery upgrade may be possible in the air. Batteries can charge a new bunker energy that needs less than 160 kW. In 50 minutes, 80% of the capacity will be charged in 30 minutes to have enough energy of about 320 km.

Workhorse W-15

Truck with cover

There are four electric motors in the unit, one on each wheel. The individual motors power is 147 kW, the power of the entire 588 kW system. All torque is between 560 and 1,120 Nm. With the upper configuration, almost 2.7 tons will be set to accelerate in the Rivian for almost three seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km / h. The charge will be 800 kilograms, the trailer load will be five tonnes. The charging space is measured with electric cork, approximately 1.40 and 1.50 meters. In addition, Rivian offers a covered cargo area under the front hood and in the double compartment tunnel compartment. Its doors can also be used on the table.

$ 70,000

Interior cover with soft glass with lid and two touch screens. It serves as one tool cluster, the other as an infotainment center. Using a third-party touch screen, rear-viewers can configure settings. On the way to the ground, Rivian R1T must be able to drive autonomously in level 3, the sensors, cameras and Lidar technologies are on board.

Basic price with Rivian model, long range and easy equipment from $ 85,000 point of view. With battery charging, the price requires less than $ 70,000.

Rivian models, as well as batteries, must be built in an old Mitsubishi factory in Illinois. In the first year, 20,000 cars will be built and then 50,000 units a year later.

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