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Rüschlikon ZH: Joinery is fire

Alarm at Rüschlikon ZH: Firefighters woke up on Wednesday afternoon at 7:30 p.m., accelerating the construction roof of the Rütiweg firefighters, as announced by the Kanton police in Zurich. Fire is in a residential area, about ten meters above Thalwil and Zurich railways.

Rescue services have been dismantled with a large contingent, depending on the message. When the fire-fighting brigade arrived, the building was completely rebuilt. Fire quickly controlled and prevent fires from spreading to nearby homes. The residents of neighboring properties closed their windows for compact smoke.

Firefighters took a few hours. During the fire, people were not affected by the building. Among firefighters, the roads on three damaged roads were closed.

The exact amount of property damage is still unclear. Police assume a hundred thousand francs. The reason for the fire is still unclear. Fire investigators started a study. (SDA)

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