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Schaffhauser Bub (4) travels only to Germany

In Germany, a child (4) was previously reported in Schaffhausen canton. The boy left at home and crossed the train across the border.

Since he was four years old, he fled from Schaffhausen, and traveled across borders on Jestett alone in Germany. There, the police attacked on Monday. He did not want to register, as announced on Wednesday.

The boy crossed the road for the first time, then he got on the Schaffhausen train. He told a woman he found out from the room he was looking for.

Parents already received it

The police took them to a Jestetten day center to find out if they knew there. In the end, his identity can be clarified through the accent of Switzerland and the request of local departments.

The parent had already informed him of the missing and received day care center. Because he fled, the police did not give information. (SDA)

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