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Superstar Marco Illy's case is abysmal

The investment banker wanted to show his CS and start at UBS – respecting the unusual rules, he fell deeply into it.

Marco Illy made a CS in the Swiss investment bank. Illy was clear: I am the world's owner.

His longtime friend saw Thomas Gottstein differently. He was a world, said cold, and Illy.

It is not with me, boy, Illy was told, breaking the loyalty with CS for decades and joining … UBS. Opponent of the arch Live competitor. Intimate enemy.

Best day picture: Illy, company

And now that's it: Illy is not going to UBS. He has failed to transfer in the new Illy work yet. This was announced yesterday at the Finews medium industry.

Reason: Illy conducted the CS client to UBS before making the contract. CS is already a UBS holiday for holiday holidays: an income fund.

CS did not lose the scandal. He unleashed Illy Street without threatening a profound conflict.

Now, UBS has infected itself. Illy will not start in the new location, it was announced yesterday.

In that case, he offers eloquent text about the skills and culture at the top of the Bank of Switzerland. Illy was one of the absolute cracks in the country, earning $ 50 million in $ 100 million.

And today: the best bankruptcy. Simply a highly acclaimed dealer and Wheeler did not know that he ought to keep up his lack of competition, as long as CS paid him.

Every year, there are millions of people living in Switzerland, they are in contact with the main circles, they are renowned as maker and expert.

But then, if he regains a bit, he exceeds his perseverance.

Illy's bankruptcy becomes an example of a banker who knows no bounds. Now it falls deep and hard.

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