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Swiss (52) Ischglen playing track

A 52-year-old Swiss man was kidnapped on Ischgl on Tuesday. The young man went to vacation twice with a "childish face". Police are looking for

A 52-year-old from Switzerland earned twice as much as a stranger Ischgl (A) writes, "Tiroler Tageszeitung." Winter sports sports officers look at the incident. Ischgl is directly on the Swiss border, the ski area is connected to a Samnaun GR.

The battle came on Tuesday on Tuesday. The Swiss, from the Zurich area, were very hurt to enter the hospital. However, he could leave the Zams Hospital after having undergone an outpatient treatment.

«Wounded in the face»

According to the police, the guest of the guest stopped at the Zebla Railway Valley. "For unknown reasons, the attackers beat him and suicide wounded on his face," says the police spokesman. There was a sack in the second half of a track. "The Swiss caught the attacker, which led to another physical fight."

Why was it hardly coming, Silvrettaseilbahn AG did not know you? "I've heard something happened, but I do not know any details," says Markus Walser's management team at Blick.

The police are now looking for unknown events and witnesses. The author should be a holiday guest, it's still unclear. The victim of Zurich believes that he is 20 years old and has a child's face and 185 cm in height. She used orange trousers, a black helmet and Uvex ski goggles. He probably led a white snowboard. (Man)

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