Monday , August 15 2022

Swiss FDP wants to hear Maudet on Wednesday


The case of Maudet still continues to work in the Bundesberger: the National Assembly of the FDP executives has organized a separate meeting on Wednesday to hear from the State Board of Ail. It will not be clear if he or she participates.

Genevan State Council Pierre Maudet (Image: Martial Trezzini / Keystone)

Genevan State Council Pierre Maudet (Image: Martial Trezzini / Keystone)

smoke · The Geneva law firm, Pierre Maudet, who suspects the benefits assumed by the court, also draws a broad circle of lightbulb: on Wednesday, the Swiss FDP Board of Directors will elect a member of the Federal Council to participate in a special meeting last year. On Monday it was decided on the usual meeting table. The party wants to "ask all the questions" and use the possibility of discussing the next steps. According to the statutes, members of the presidential committee of the Congolese congressional party may request the expulsion. The FDP in Geneva faced Friday, saying it had resigned after the two-crisis summit called Maudet. Gössik said that he was "in his place." he has long retired. " The invitation of the Board of State is not possible to continue the invitation. His communication office only requested: "No Comments".

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