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"Ted Bundy Tapes": What was the first killer team really?

"Ted Bundy Tapes" in Netflix: What was the first series killer of the team members?

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30 years have passed in the electric chair running at the Florida State Court Theodore Robert Bundy. After thirty years of Ted Bundy, one of the most popular serial killers in our world continues to be. At the end of the thirty years, when you agree with more "true crime" than ever, we are telling you about the real crime stories "A murderer".

Netflix giant streaming did not miss the anniversary and told Ted Bundy's death anniversary to tell the story of his assassination row. He lasted four years, where he was raped, killed at least 30 women and treated for a week. Until now, Bundy's past does not fully understand. In "Ted Bundy Tapes", the sound recordings released so far, "Ted Bundy: a serial killer portraiture" series, will stir his patient.

But who was Ted Bundy?

Photographs of the Ted Bundy FBI, which appeared in 1978 in the list of ten criminals. Image: Wikimedia

Ted Bundy was born in Vermont in 1946, and in 1989 he was 42 years old. He spent the last 15 years in the bar or race. Two young students were killed and, finally, he was a girl who had been sentenced to death for the third time, though he had committed ten times murdered young women and white men a few months ago, in recognition of their execution. She did not even know about them, but rather confessed her for murders, before being kidnapped, using simple excuses, corruption and murder or bedtime at night.

In the process, Ted Bundy was always perfect for her dress away: it was a smart and quiet law. His aura was a self-confident, symmetrical, most striking face and murmur of the police, with great enthusiasm committed by dozens of murders. No one knew anything of this kind, and even though their partners believed that, before their execution, Ted had made false accusations, that Ted repeated repeatedly.

Bundy is still considered the first famous killer.

Ted Bundy 1977 in Pitkin County, Colorado Image: AP / Glenwood Springs Post Independent

We probably did not know that the men with well-dressed masks did not need estimation and hunger to date.

So he was a biographer Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth Often, many sessions about murder killings explained in detail to many women and how it happened to her. However, he did not talk about himself as "I", but rather "with him", the real murderer, who was aware of whose actions he himself "speculated".

He was not merely a biologist who wanted to make his decision not to think about it. Book «The Living Witness alone – Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy's True Story» Michaud and Aynesworth said he would talk to the same serial killer, and he knew that he had been seriously ill and that he used his minor intelligence to save his secret a few years before his life was necessary. Only his arrogance, the absurdity and supposed supremacy of the end, is caused by the cause of man.

She hid a monster behind her mask, which she controlled for many years.

As a child and adolescent, Ted Bundy was shy – he had problems with so many strangers. He was intelligent, but he never understood how he had personal relationships. Although his most powerful weapon – his attractive appearance – he did not understand:

She did not realize that women seemed to be attractive, but she learned that she seduced her calm and charismatic quality, the ability to play against unsuspecting women, fear nothing and trap her, rape her, murder – in some cases abuse again after death – weeks his physical damage to his victims made him impossible.

He returned to places where he once again hid bodies to revive the actions of violence. No love for women, no sex, no, about ownership by Ted Bundy. For him, rape and, ultimately, murder was the last possession of mankind:

"You feel the last breath of his body, looks at his looks and in that situation a person is almost a God! He is his own and forever you are. And the place where you die, or the place where you leave, turns to you and always attracts you."

Ted Bundy for his biography Michaud and Aynesworth

"Han" – these were the western parts of the United States, where the remains of his victims were hidden. Many of them have not been found today, and in some cases they admitted that they were married, it is not clear who they were.

However, it seems that the bloody career of Ted Bundy was not the first murder committed in 1974.

Mary Adams, a student at the Seattle University in Seattle, probably did not sneak into the Bundy's first victim in her apartment on January 4, 1974, throwing her unconscious with a metal rod. Then she breastfed with speculation, a gynecological tool for the spread of the vagina. Maria suffered serious injuries and entered a long day. When he woke up, he could not remember his attackers, a few weeks later, on February 1 of the same year, not only attacked a young woman in bed, but was abducted and killed; the first long line of victim victims.

July 28, 1978: Ted Bundy presents himself for photographers, after informing the main jury of the charges. Image: AP / AP

As if it were a New Year's Macabre resolution, on January 74, Bundy decided to maintain the last-needed "possession". Every month more and more. Lynda Healy was first on February 1. In March, Donna Manson left her apartment and went on a concert. Although there were similarities between both cases, Lynda and Donna disappeared without tracing, both of them were female. The US police did not suspect a model. Furthermore, it could not be ruled out that young women did not flee or commit suicide; These disappearances were reported to the police in the mid-70s at least once a week. Ted Bundy knew. He was working on the Seattle Krisialdi Clinic, where he called for people with depression and suicide.

March came after April and another victim with him: Susan Rancourt disappeared at the campus of the Central Washington University in Ellensburg. But at this time, Bundy had to make three more attempts to obtain another kidnapping: two students did not fail before Susan. One of them was Jane Curtis. The police told him an intense story after Susan's disappearance.

This happened with Ted Bundy's first report of the almost deadly encounter.

Jane left the campus library in the afternoon when he saw a strange figure approaching people: a man, wrapped in a long arm, facing his face. One of his arms bundled with a bend and kept pennants in trouble. Jane offered her help and thanked her for it. Ask him to help his car.

Bundys VW Beetle, National Criminal 2010 and National Criminal Court closed. Image: Wikimedia

His VW Beetle campus was in a dark corner. When he asked him to unlock his key, he got a feeling of mix. A passenger car seat was missing and he refused his request. Then he suddenly became more insistent.

"Get in the car," he ordered. "What?" Jan said. Everything changed, his tone changed again: "Can not you get in and start the car?" Jane turned and fled. He was lucky: in a few days, Bundy again surprised and kidnapped two more young women, probably "Could you help me"? Tricks

Bundy apparently found his habit now, in June, they were two women, apparently, they disappeared tonight from home to home, after seeing friends and acquaintances. Gradually, the pattern was created: Depending on the abundance of eyewitness accounts, in every case, a man's stairs or a wheel man approached.

However, inventions and speculations were maintained, because no one – neither the police nor the newspapers reported – a real monster who wanted to admit Washington's mess. Ted Bundy, on his part, played well and dared. In July 1974, it was not limited to that night, but two young women were busy for a busy day.

It was summer now, and Washington was cooling in Lake Sammamish.

Among them, Janice Graham, a 20-year-old married woman, had a date with her husband and her parents on the lake. It came too early, and it was waiting late, a young man was hanging on his arm.

The stranger asked politely for help. His friends loaded his ship waiting for him on his trailer. However, they did not come, and only with a single sound, it was impossible to load the boat itself. Would it be doubtful to be so enjoyable? It's almost on the court. Janice agreed; However, he did not want to find a ship or a trailer, he had to leave it empty: it was already late and he did not take his boat by boat [seiner] Parents, climb up! "He said. And Ted? It did not matter." That's right. I should say that there is no parking here. Thank you for your surroundings. "

1978 in Tallahassee: Ted Bundy smiles for cameras. Picture: AP

Ted Bundy ran away from Janice Graham. But Janice Ott, his appointment, did not have the same kindness, shortly afterwards, to help Bundy. While Janice Graham went to two parking lots, of course, Janice Otts would eventually be. But Ted did not have enough time for the day. A young woman named Denise Naslund also dismissed her charming way – and when Bundy was gone, Janice Ott was still alive. A woman saw another killed in an abandoned place, and later, Bundy crying over her biography. And while that was happening, the police were looking for desperate women who were looking for despair – at this time, they had an ill-fated knowledge of coping with a serial delinquent with additional medical flavor. Kiss slings. Associations. Crutches. And then, afterwards, the gynecological tools, like the first murder of Bundy.

In the meantime, Janice Ott and Denise Naslund called him "own garbage collection" by Bundy.

Two months later, the hunters were left in the woods, and in March, four other bets were found by the hunters in Taylor Mountain in Washington. Wild animals only left skulls as Bundy did; He found his garbage collection with animals, he said. Bundy was far away during the discovery of falsehoods. He went to Utaha in September, two more southeastern states.

But he did not leave behind Washington. Ted Bundy had a distant relationship, because he already suspected that his lover was doing something wrong, but his charismatic nature was sharpened.

1979: Bundy began to compete before the trial began in court. Image: AP / AP

Elizabeth "Liz." Kendall noticed that Bundy was fond of watching the body under a leather lantern, and had to hear from her that she had "broken her little neck" if she extended herself to Shoplifting mauled; She also watched foreign women's clothes in her apartment, and almost warmed her in the white water rafting, "a joke," Bundy said later. But Liz did not suspect that her boyfriend was a murderer. Unexpectedly, since the rumors of action from Utah only became suspect, Ted Bundy did not intend to move forward, but continued in Utah. At this time, he made a decisive mistake that made the cost of his head and neck: the woman fled.

Carol DaRonch: The only woman who ever escaped

And she went on for a long time to direct a young woman to a shopping mall, claiming the "Roseland Officer", and because she was in for a car-robbery approaching the car park. There was a convincing police officer. He ran, as well as his car (VW Beetle still), and he squeezed alcohol. However, Carol believed him and entered the car to "go to the police home." But in a supposed way, suddenly he left on the right side of an empty space, and armed himself with a metal seating and bar, he was a woman. However, like his predecessors, Carol saw the attack coming. He jumped in the car and fled, leaving the only woman fleeing Bundy. His perfect execution was interrupted and he fled to Carol DaRonch.

Two Bundy victims were not lucky as DaRonch. Image: Wikimedia

In Washington, home, Liz Kendall began to suspect. A friend said that some kidnappings of Utah had occurred, after which women found the dead, strangled with pantyhose, their bodies, of course, sexually abused. Thanksgiving Teden moved over Utah over time, and Liz did not leave her mistrust. Several times he contacted the police to express his voices for voices, and eventually called Ted.

The police did not get Teden's name, but that was not a failure.

The officers were simply overwhelmed. More murders were discovered, more bodies were found, the police received more calls. In the end, there were more than 3,000 names in the list of suspects. One of them was Teds, but he knew the reputation of a student guilty of his reputation as a culprit.

«If you are looking for a foreign student, some lawyers involved in that case probably knew personally? Or you choose "guys", you know. Files men. Real freaks »

Ted Bundy for his biography Michaud and Aynesworth

He was not well assured. Ted appeared in five police strips, where casually reported cases were recorded, for example, students 'pupils' names. It was not just – 24 more men appeared in the random charts in five, but unlike Bundy, these men were able to make all the alibi good nights. But Bundy never came up with a credible coil. On the contrary, the stories told by the Police were so absurd, that they made anything more suspicious.

He considered it very intelligent, and it was not proven, and so it became increasingly irresponsible.

When a night driving on VW, the traffic police stopped or stopped. After recovering the car from Bundy, the police immediately found out. But Ted did not close and shut down a short chess closure. A stupid idea: when the officer threw a look at Ted VW, there they found, among other things, a mask with ice cream, hands, and eyes and drills.

But Ted thought it was a robbery, and he was not looking for a murderer in the north-eastern United States, and he tried to find rare discoveries in his car, so he found his wrists in a rubbish bin and had to keep him from being a robber. To find out where the exposure keys are, he could not answer.

If he only made senseless quarrels, the police could take a ring for robbery equipment. However, Bundy himself assured that the police were also suspect: he was hired by a first lawyer and he became a funny policeman who participated in his ques- tion. Then, an officer recalled Carol DaRonch's description of the car and man. With this instinct, Ted showed a selection of testimonials and, lastly, when he contrasted with the newly cut hair, no one questioned more than one current manager. Witnesses, Carol DaRonch, among other things, said that this man was at least a seizure, and perhaps a serial killer working in Utah.

Ted Bundy was arrested for the first time. And it was awakened. For the first time

After a courtly verdict, Judge judged that Bundy was not only indifferent, but especially arrogant and embarrassing, after three years he had been convicted. But Ted Bundy had other plans. While donations from the "Ted Bundy Defense Fund" gathered from their immediate surroundings, who believed in his innocence, he managed to get the leap from the library window to freedom.

Ted Bundy was sent to jail in 1977. Soon he fled. Picture: AP Glenwood Springs Post-Independen

During five and a half days, Ted Bundy made hikes around the ski resort of Aspen, Colorado. In his unfavorable habit he made inadequate habits several times, but in the end he was convinced that no one could harm him or her at the end of his flight. Instead of leaving the situation as quickly as possible, he stopped lying and eventually caught control of the police, with his neighborhood circulating, with stolen car.

It seems that a breakfast person looks after him more.

Instead, the prisoners were listening to the sounds that came from the ceiling on the night – Ted Bundy, though he punched a black hole, made an escape there. On this occasion, he managed to flee into a van and then drove a stolen car through the closest blizzard to the airport. At 17 hours later, a guard found that humans found themselves under Bundy's books and clothing cover in Michigan, thousands of miles away.

Police buses arrive to Bocky on the road. Image: AP Glenwood Springs Post-Independent

Ted Bundy knew that every step was counting now. The FBI put it in its "Most Wanted" list. The FBI did not know: Bundy was not more than his criminal photo. He pulled out his yellow beard. During his life, when he was acquainted with the people, he wondered why the man could change the look of a cameraman; another mood gave him a whole new face. It is not surprising that Bundy traveled north of Michigan to Florida south, felt the safest way to conceal it in an environment: the neighborhood of students. The Florida State University of Tallahassee thought it was a great idea, and it had to be the last stop of Bundy, directly in front of a long arm.

Since Ted Bundy left his strength.

"I suddenly felt smaller, smaller and smaller, and probably … And even more – Piece by piece, I disintegrate something in myself, I felt like it disappeared, like in the old movies you see in a ghost rising from the body lying on the ground. By bus Tallahassee When I arrived, I felt nothing at all. "

Biographers Ted Bundy to Michaud and Aynesworth

He could not do it anymore; Ted Bundy had violated many prisoners and experienced the losers: he wanted the usual life behind the bar. Suddenly he came out again, he did not know who he was and what to expect. And Ted Bundy's inner monster woke up again in this freedom.

He started drinking alcohol. Bundy drank that night that night, and he fell back into the robbers. Without identification document, he had to take his money. It exceeded the limit, both financially and mentally. He just wanted to do two weeks ago. But on January 15, 1978, Ted Bundy was attacked by a few minutes, but two women were killed and two were injured.

Bundy escaped from this cell. Picture: AP Glenwood Springs Post-Independen

Chi Omega murdered the nightclub for students on the night.

Ted Bundy noticed several guests on the edge of the dance floor and watching the students. Bundy was still under control. That same night he decided to visit Chi Omega Sisterhood's house.

At ten o'clock in the morning, the student Nita Neary went home and saw a dark, dark man coming out of a baseball. Worried, he went to the ligax president's threshold. Two women opened a doorway in the hallway whispering into the hallway and Karen Chandler, a composer, came in to the room. His roommate, Kathy Kleiner, was still sitting in her bed, moaning, disturbed. He fled the broken powder of the blood and decorated the half-room of blood. There was also ceiling ceiling. Someone attacked him again with his sleep, pains, skulls, arms, fingers and cheek fractures. Someone could not remember. Not only Karen and Kathy, they also attacked two other roommates.

Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman's bodies were not found in bed until they were looking for rooms throughout the house. Lisa, of course, got the whole rage of the attackers: her neck was twisted, and a serious breach caused serious internal injuries in her thick fingers. This tin was so thick that it had traces of its traces. After his death, compassion hardened hard in the kidneys, as he had left the impression of the bite used – as was a serious mistake. Margaret Bowman, a second victim, strangled with pantyhose, was not raped but had a burnt on her thigh. Someone snapped his grip on that pot, the skin was burning in one place.

While the police were busy with Chi Omega House, Ted Bundy was still hunting.

A little while away, Debbie Ciccarelli and Nancy Young woke up in a student-student, leaving Cheryl Thomas's neighbors home. When they tried to call Cheryl, the phone turned on, but no one answered. They called Debbie and Nancy police. Cheryl found her half unconscious and bleeding in bed. He was not raped, but the leaders left the mark: next to the victim there was a mask of seats, and the son was in the fridge.

Bite evidence appears in court. Image: wikimedia

Cheryl survived – but they are still deaf because of the bumps and balance problems on the ear. During the night, when he became a dancer, he decided to choose his kitchen window completely arbitrarily, while Karen, Kathy, Lisa and Margaret did not work.

Bundy, then, stopped the horror that stopped him and made him think clearly. Instead of leaving Florida as soon as possible, he entered into a craze purchase on 20 stolen credit cards. The knocks broke out, they lost control and Bundy killed him the last time. This time, his victim was 12-year-old Kim Leach, he was kidnapped from his school and after that he was buried under an ordinary blast. His body was not found to be arrested by Ted Bundy and arrested by police after a messed up industrial post. His fear was over and apparently in this case good things were three: Bundy's third arrests lasted.

He again believed that the police did not prove anything, and in the 1970s there were no DNA analyzes, officials had not been able to name a Ted Bundy murderer, but he was again in a row. He did not even try to think of a coffin, and did not deny that he had done the acts: Lisa Levy, Margaret Bowman and Kim Leach. Instead, he squeezed the men who tried to get it:

And it should be right.

Theft of credit cards, cars and licenses, how easy it was to go to Bundy. They joined and began trial of Ted Bundy – to protect a television national event with a star, to decide on the legal role, even though their studies were not over,

Every day, a brief half-hour summary of what happened in the US Florida test was presented. The media found a celebrity of Ted Bundy, who loved the light camera and gave them more importance to prove their innocence to care for their charism. Während der gesamten Verhandlung lieferte er den Geschworenen dennoch kein einziges Alibi – und weigerte sich dennoch, ein Geständnis abzulegen, obwohl ihn dies wohl vor der Verurteilung zur Todesstrafe durch den elektrischen Stuhl bewahrt hätte. Die kam jedoch. Einmal. Zweimal. Dreimal.

Einmal für Lisa, einmal für Margaret, einmal für Kim. Die Geschworenen hatten sich einstimmig auf Bundys Schuld geeinigt: Die laut Experten einzigartigen Bissspuren, die er in Lisa Bowmans Pobacke hinterlassen hatte, waren sein Untergang. Von Schuldgefühlen war Bundy jedoch weit entfernt, und seine Rede zum Abschluss der Verhandlung gewährte seinem Publikum einen Einblick in seine gespaltene Persönlichkeit: Er würde die Strafe hinnehmen für das, was «jemand anderes» getan hatte (das «Wesen», wie er seine Veranlagung gern bezeichnete), doch nicht die Schuld dafür akzeptieren.

«Gott weiss, dass is not heuchlerisch finde you are, dass so gut, wie ich eben kann, Mitleid empfinde. […] Es ist ein Urteil für jemand anderen, der heute nicht hier steht. Ich werde also für diese Taten gefoltert, dafür leiden und die Schmerzen dafür ertragen, aber ich werde nicht die Bürde und die Schuld dafür auf mich nehmen. Das ist alles, was ich zu sagen habe. »

Ted Bundy vor Gericht im Juli 1979

Ted Bundy, der berühmteste Mörder der Welt, zog in den Todestrakt – und hatte Tausende Groupies.

Im Laufe der Jahre und insbesondere wegen der Berichterstattung während seiner Verhandlungen hatte Ted Bundy eine beträchtliche Menge an Verehrern hinter sich versammelt – Frauen, die sich zu ihm hingezogen fühlten und ihn für missverstanden hielten; Religious Fanatiker, die meinten, ihn bekehren zu können; Menschen, die ihn für seine Taten bewunderten. An der Spitze seines «Fanclubs» stand Carole Boone, with the exception of the einmal zusammengearbeitet und die ihm im Laufe seiner zweiten Haft in Colorado erst als Brieffreundin, give the Partnerin zur Seite gestanden hatte. Durch einen Trick wurde sie schliesslich sogar zu seiner Frau, als Ted eine Gesetzeslücke in Florida ausgle, um sich und Carole in Anwesenheit eines Richters und jeder Menge Zeugen spontan im Gerichtssaal zu verheiraten.

Selbst nach seiner dreifachen Verurteilung hielt Carole zu Ted und schenkte ihm 1982 – zwei Jahre nach seinem Haftantritt in Florida – eine Tochter, die wohl während einer der be Wärtern erkauften Stündchen der Zweisamkeit entstanden war. Doch Caroles und Teds Ehe sollte noch vor seinem Tod unglücklich enden: Denn als Ted nur wenige Tage vor seiner Hinrichtung in dem verzweifelten Versuch, die Strafe hinauszuzögern, endlich gestand, zumindest 30 Frauen ermordet zu haben, wandte sie sich von ihm ab. Ein Abschied, den er wohl nie richtig verstand – denn bis zu dem Mom, als er am 24. Januar 1989 auf dem elektrischen Stuhl starb, vertrat Ted Bundy eine klare Meinung:

Kurzfilm warnt vor kleinen Killer-Drohnen:

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