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The dead girl of Staad – "These are mere speculations": defenders do not prove their parents' negative lives

It is difficult to reach a court of defense of the post office of involuntary parents. The second day of the trial that would require absolution. Judgment's daughter died at the home of her parents.

Regula Weik

Staad's house, a dead girl found in the summer of 2015. (Stock Image: Keystone)

Staad's house, a dead girl found in the summer of 2015. (Stock Image: Keystone)

The court's advocate and father's advocate agreed on Wednesday: St. Gallen prosecutor's office leaves everything he wants. Both critically criticize the investigation. These were very broad, they questioned 20 witnesses, the accused were heard in the room. But all this does not seem clear. "The accusation is based on speculation," says father's advocate.

His main complaint: the cause of death of the child was not clarified – and probably never been clarified. Therefore, it is questionable whether death is inevitable or not, the mother's advocate says. "We do not have a clear image that can lead to conviction." And "We do not have a court statement". In the summer of 2015, they found almost two-year-old daughter at their parents' house in Staad.

Mom did not tell her father about his daughter's death

Both advocates ask for their parents' acquittals. They also require 46 days of pre-arrest detention; his father will pay 9200 francs, mother 5,000 francs, the time behind bars. In the case of an "event of the party" only, the defense prosecutor agrees with the prosecution: his client wrongfully accused the ex-husband. For this he would punish 10-franc 50-day fees. The accused is not currently employed. She wanted to work in nursing, she explained on Tuesday. For this reason, he began to study distance in Hamburg, with his father.

The prosecution denounced the parents' dismissal of their bad little daughter. His life was especially hard on drugs. And not for children. When asked about the use of cocaine, the courts questioned the two accused. Frequency or drug purchase amount is not safe, says father's advocate. The prosecutor's numbers should therefore be "careful".

"It only shows that cash withdrawals prove that they make money, but that is not used for drug purchases."

He liked enough cash and some home-invested at home, his father justified Tuesday, ordinary cash withdrawals. The mother's defense prosecutor also speaks of "scientific proof": "Widows are not allowed to say to their drugged daughters." These are allegations; there is no proof Mum uses drugs occasionally, but not regularly. She promised her life, she gave up her daughter all day long.

The witness testimony was unfounded. "There is no reliable proof of abuse by everyday routine of the mother," he said.

Father, according to the defense lawyer, could have the best possible care of toddler. About some educational issues, he focused on his life partner – "well, he has already raised three children." The oldest son – he was a teenager – he lives in Germany; The other two children are in third place. His client was inexperienced to face the children: "He was 50 years old and had to keep his mother".

Father's behavior never had "a concrete risk" for children. A murder, famine or foreclosure of 23-month-old children was reported, the "prosecutor's imagination" emerged. The test is very thin. And the prosecutor's address:

"You do not know how the child died, you do not know how he could prevent his father."

The defense prosecutor also mentioned that his father did not learn the daughter's death after his arrest. He was finally found on the 25th of July, the accused declared on Tuesday. After that, her life partner first said she brought the child and adult protection authority (Kesb) daughter; He then told him he was safe with friends abroad. He repeatedly demanded a daughter's signal. "I think our child was already a pretty house." People had the opportunity to gather around her finger, she said on the first day of her mother's trial.

The time for the death of the prosecutor is incorrect, says mother's advocate. On July 3, the child was "permanently dead." It must die at the end of July. The mother also could not remember exactly that day when she found her daughter dead in the attic in El Buche.

"But the prosecutor's office stated that it is wrong to prove that the cause of death and death are very clear." Mother did not forget about education and education. "He can not cause the death of his daughter". When he saw the children more often, the defense attorney said: "Cute baby and toddler," well-fed and chubby.

«It was a translator»

He did not recognize that his mother had put their children in a suitcase, and kept it secret. "It was a shadow agent," said the defense attorney. "He did not want to leave his daughter away and keep the body with him." Mother's daughter reacted irrescibly and appropriately to the death of her daughter. Since then he has developed "Pain Disorder". She could not rest and afflict her daughter.

The prosecution applies maternal murders that violate the obligations of welfare and education, and several crimes against Narcotics Law have imposed a 10.5-year sentence of imprisonment for their father to imprison an 8-year sentence. The process will continue on Thursday.

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