Thursday , January 21 2021

The Ruth Hiltl beggarly asks Father's cooking lesson

Cook's peers have to do their final exam with fish and meat. That is not fit for everyone. For example, vegan restaurants can not cook cooks. Now, even the Federal Council has to deal with the issue.

It has been clear for years: it must know how to prepare a real chef on sliced ​​eggs or egg. It should change now. Veggie Pope Rolf Hiltl (53), who is responsible for many restaurants in Switzerland, criticizes the study of meat and fish.

Especially worrisome is the recent study, as Tages-Anzeiger writes. Daily cooking chefs menus are made up of four shopping carts, each with fish or flesh, sometimes both. From these ingredients, the kitchen sticks prepare the main course.

Vegan restaurant can not be trained

Hiltla is not up to date. "Vegetarian and vegan meet the culinary social need," he says. That's why he says: "The kitchens should be allowed to study without meat or fish." It is also possible to train vegetarian and vegan restaurants to cook culinary peers.

The Zurrie Green Council in Zurich Bastien Girod (38) Hiltle opens his gates. Girod has filed an appeal against the Bundesrat asking to explain how the flesh and fish trade is rising. Giroden is responsible for the environmental and climate impacts of meat consumption.

Gastrosuisse wants to reform the culinary profession

And the Gastrosuisse industrial association? "It is currently undergoing complete reform of the culinary profession," says Daniel C. Jung, Deputy Director of Gastoriesuisse "Tages-Anzeiger". It will be the priority of vegetarian and vegan foods. But if the flesh and fish have fallen into the latest studies of forced labor, it has not yet been decided. (Pompeu Fabra)

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