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The UPC buys Sunrise: it answered the 13 most important questions

The purchase of UPC Sunrise in the Swiss telecommunications market is a big box. LOOK answers the most important questions to customers asking themselves.

Yesterday after a lot of rumors of the afternoon, it is clear: Sunrise competes by the UPC. Purchase is a large box in the Swiss telecommunications market. Sunrise costs CHF 6.3 million and ends in the second half of 2019, according to the company. Thanks to the Mega Agreement, the number 2 of the Swisscom telecommunications market will get the majority of Swiss homes.

But now, there are many questions for customers for both providers. LOOK explains what you need to know.

1. Get out of the sun UPC customers Having access to shared access with instant effect?

The deal is nowadays known – until the customer opens up the offer, but it takes months. First of all, the Weko competitor's tutor must sign an agreement. It will happen in the second or third quarter of 2019. In the background, the two companies are definitely working on future offers. Here customers will have more services and opportunities.

2. Are current contracts running now and should customers respond?

Basically, because all customers keep their bids, Ralf Beyeler explains Moneyland service. But there's a big one: who wants to win better conditions, probably a report. Extended practice among Swiss telecommunications companies. Therefore, it is worthwhile to analyze new offers, as soon as they are known.

3. Does the UPC or Sunrise offer a joint venture in the cable network?

For reasons of cost, it speaks a lot in the UPC network. Sunrise is just a tenant and payment for the last mile – Customer lines – with Swisscom and electricity companies. Experienced Beyeler wants Sunrise to bring its customers to changes in the network.

4. What does merger mean with the new client UPC TV box?

Sunrise can change its box of TV with the UPC, says Experts in Comparison Jean-Claude Frick. The box is technically up to date. However, it is clear that UPC still produces the product. In principle, however, Sunrise will make it medium to standardize hardware. At some point, it should be the only TV box for all customers. Ralf Beyeler expects new paintings if Sunrise prevents customers from accessing the current UPC network.

5. It disappears with the name of the Sunrise Shopping UPC In Switzerland?

Yes, says Sunrise CEO at Olaf Swantee at BLICK. Previously, Frick and Beyeler's telecommunications experts have no future name. For good reason, as Frick says: "UPC has always suffered the reputation of Cablecom." So it keeps the brand meaningless. As a result, UPC customers will use a new name in the future.

6. Will the customers be new and old customers?

Here, it is announced by waiting experts. "Fuses that usually disappear from suppliers are not down prices," warns Frickk. Only when the new Sunrise presents combined products, the price question can be answered. Beyeler's Money Money expert is afraid Sunrise will not shake prices. The company will probably improve the cost structure to optimize profit and profit. Customers have nothing.

7. Do Swisscom customers achieve lower prices?

It is possible that the bigger Sunrise is now putting more pressure on Swisscom. At least in theory, Swisscom can create lower prices for customers. Banking industry leaders see Swisscom's advantages: "Medium-term and medium-term Sunrise and the UPC are likely to be particularly busy, which can lead to more tactical advantages for Swisscom," said Zurich's expert bank spokesman. During the three-year integration phase, customers prefer to change.

8. Should customers have a quality loss due to merger?

Sunrise Although Sunrise is an important concern, quality is tolerated, experts do not believe it. But, according to Beyeler, the new Sunrise will be less likely to attract new customers, at least a few fuss. "The company is not through exclusive services that allow loyal customers to pay," says Frickk.

Sunrise stock it breaks

Sunrise has revamped advanced negotiations over more than 24 hours with the Liberty Global UPC company, which has sold millions of Swiss UPC dollars. Sunrise stays with significant stakes. After paying more than 80 books, at the beginning of this week, there are less than 73 French people this Thursday morning. The losses on the previous day were around 10%. Sunrise plans a capital increase of 4,000 million euros to finance the purchase price of 6.3 million Swiss francs. Nobody expected that it grows so fast. The Swisscom market leader also suffered a decline in price – its market price was marketed at 12:00 a.m., with Swiss franchises at least € 459.10. The SMI global market fell by 0.5%.

9. What will happen to the television offer? MySports?

The UPC sports channel is ahead of it and will enter today at Sunrise. Recently, the UPC announced new numbers. 500 days before, the station has reached 70 million viewers, the majority returning naturally. UPC does not mean anything about subscribers. Tel. In March 2018 the television offer was officially known as more than 50,000 users. Steffi Buchli's image and her troop costs can eat millions. Sunrise customers can access MySports pretty quickly, according to Beyeler. With an existing Teleclub offer, it would be attractive for sports enthusiasts. In the medium term, Swisscom could be an agreement. Whether MySports survives long term, it's open.

10. Should customer service be in contact with the customer in the future?

Until customers have heard anything more than companies, they will continue to apply the next hotline numbers. After the merger, it will probably be a customer service. Sunrise has to make efforts to keep up its level with the UPC's integration. After all, UPC does not have the best customer service. But the company has invested a lot in recent years.

11. What does the agreement mean for Swiss businessmen?

Both companies have their headquarters in Switzerland. In the future, it will need more than one. Synergies and advertising and marketing jobs are prohibited. Administration and customer service are also superimposed. Sunrise boss Olaf Swantee estimates that the real service departments and sales groups would be moderate. On the other hand, the reduction of management and administration is expected. UPC also prevents jobs in other areas.

12. How stehts with unions' collective bargaining agreements UPC and Sunrise?

The collective bargaining agreements between Syndicom unions are in the long term and almost equivalent. "The working conditions of damaged workers are therefore ensured by the unification through the following social co-operation rules," said the unionists. We will work to protect jobs.

13. Why the consumer protection is approved UPC Sunrise by from?

For Sara Stalder consumer advocates, the announcement announcement is a bad news: "It's a costly duopoly," warns Stalder. Sunrise and Swisscom prices may be tempting to keep up. Stalder zu Blick: "It would be similar to retail trade. Coop and Migros were comfortable. They want to be a tough competitor, but everyone keeps them quite comfortable and prices." Salt is not a serious opponent of the duopoly. "In my opinion, there is no clear strategy for Salt to want to land on Swisscom and Sunrise."

He was a pioneer among US candidates

In Swedish mountains, terrestrial radio broadcasting of Swedish radio programs is not so easy, in 1931 Rediffusion was built to convey it through wire. Since 1950, he also broadcasts television programs in Zurich in Üetliberg. In 1994, the company joined Cablecomera with other independent cable networks. The shareholders were Siemens, VEBA and Swisscom. After changing owners several times, in 2005, Liberty Global was taken over by US companies and was not sold until today. In 2011, the UPC changed the Cablecom company, which has been called UPC since 2016.

UPC also created Internet, a fixed network and a mobile service for television businesses. However, this can not lead Swisscom to move away from the leadership position of its business business. In 2012, the UPC created 1,18 million francs franchises in 2017 for 1.35 million euros. In the summer of 2018, Eric Tveter (59) left the ninth place in Romanian runner Severina Pascu (45).

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