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Thunderbird fixes some bugs 60.5.2

The current update is here and fixes minor problems. For example, Windows failed to send Sent Recipients.

The current Thunderbird update fixes minor issues. For example, when Windows crashes "Send email to recipients» do it This can be done using the "Send to> Mail recipient". About the MAPI interface (Messaging Application Programming Interface). This is fixed now.

It also solves a problem encountered in a Thunderbird update. When Outlook Emails are received through Outlook, there have been problems with the verification of S / MIME certification. 60.5.2 update releases can be viewed on this website.

& # 39; Lightning & # 39; (Thunderbird calendar) if you use an add-on: Add-on automatically adjusts to the new Thunderbird version.

It's still an unregulated chat problem: in November 2018, Mozilla lists Twitter that does not change API changes on Twitter ( (reported by PCTIP).

System requirements are as follows:


  • Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later

Note: According to Mozilla, 32 versions of Windows and 64-bit versions of Windows are used to run Thunderbird. But today only 32-bit construction is supported by Thunderbird.



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