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VW and Microsoft: two heavyweights move together

Germany's biggest automaker continues to maintain its future. It's a bit clear: Wolfsburg alone would not have much success in the automotive industry. VW is increasingly based on cooperation. Currently, VW and Microsoft increase their cooperation.

Wolfsburg and US giant software will collaborate in the future before dealing with cloud services. Herbert Diess, the CEO of Volkswagen AG and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in Berlin, announced that Volkswagen Automotive Cloud based on Microsoft-based technology in Berlin, not only in Europe, but also in the US and China.

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Volkswagen intends to fully integrate the entire automobile network of future generations, particularly the entire electrical ID model, and offers added-value digital services to its customers. Idea Automotive will be the first cloud vehicle. "It will be launched in Europe in 2020. That same year, production begins in China," said VW CEO Diess. A member of the 2022 ID family filed in the US to roll the line.

The best specialist is included in an automobile model

Volkswagen is also collaborating with Diconium German company in the digitization plan. Additionally, the group that shocked the volcano's Swedish diesel scandal has taken over the telecommunications specialist in Wireless Car. The Audi car manufacturer, a member of the VW Group, is also a member of the Berlin navigation specialist.

Volkswagen and Microsoft will develop "first lighthouse projects that will develop network vehicle services," he said. It is based on communication and navigation solutions and personalized services. Among other things, Microsoft has decided that the software team did not compete with the VW driver, said Diess.

Corporations are increasingly pushing the automotive industry

In addition to Microsoft, Google is another classic computer player in the automotive sector. Apple has long made massive access plans for automobiles. The iPhone manufacturer has recently reduced the "Titan Project". Amazon says the E-SUV farmer is interested in the future of Revian. In addition, the giant Internet network participated in the second session of the Aurora boot fund. The company develops self-drive car software and cooperates with Volkswagen, Hyundai and electric car startup companies, among others.

Wolfsburg thinks of a new car

VW CEO Diess has stressed that his company has become a software. "This is a long way. Our software capabilities are still limited, but this is changing." Volkswagen needs the fastest capacity to complete the software. "Hardware is quite good and we play in an international league. Whether an exciting question will be a good software development."

As Diess has stated, the scenario also includes new software updates for new features. "But this is a new world for us." In the phone world, manufacturers need several attempts until an update works correctly. "We can not afford it".

Nadell has said that Microsoft can learn a lot from the automotive sector, such as critical systems. "But companies like Volkswagen can also learn from the software industry, such as the pace of change, for example."

VW, Daimler and BMW certainly give this name only. The rest are made by some special suppliers.

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