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Why it is important in our immune system now


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More than half of Germans are not supplied with vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a key role in our immune system. Our defenses are weakened, especially in the fall and winter. “Having less exposure to the sun reduces the level of vitamin D and therefore reduces the resistance of each,” says Bernhard Junge-Hülsing, head of the Bavarian ENT medical association. Recently, several studies have suggested a link between severe Covid-19 courses and vitamin D deficiency. How does vitamin D deficiency affect daily life? Are dietary supplements worth it?

Vitamin D: How does it affect us?

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), vitamin D is not optimal in Western countries. Vitamin D is very important in almost every process in the body. The function of the immune system is particularly dependent on vitamin D.

The layman may think it helps a lot, but the general practitioner is Dr. Christoph Specht also advises in the RTL interview Excessive consumption of vitamin D, as the substance can quickly overdose.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. If it is excessive, the body does not excrete vitamins, it stores it in adipose tissue. However, “Study on adult health in Germany“Only 44% of Germans in RKI have optimal vitamin D levels.

How high should vitamin D be?

According to the Robert Koch Institute, optimal vitamin D levels should be 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood. But the dose of vitamin D supplements * varies a lot. A value of 50 or more can have adverse health effects, such as hypercalcemia, cardiac arrhythmias, or kidney stones.

Before taking vitamin supplements, your doctor should check your vitamin D level. Self-tests at the pharmacy are a way to find out if you have a deficiency. Basically: self-testing is a good starting point, but it can’t replace a doctor’s visit

How can I increase my vitamin D value?

Winter walk

Use your winter walk to supply vitamin D!

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The body produces about 80-90% of its vitamin D needs in the body itself, aided by direct sunlight, among other things. Some foods also contain vitamin D, but in such small amounts it is not enough to get a supply.

The reasons for a lack lie, in part, in modern life. Full-time office work is unlikely to provide time in daylight, and excessive use of sunscreen prevents the production of vitamin D. However, age, medications, or certain diseases, such as chronic bowel disease, can also increase your risk of vitamin D deficiency.

More and more medical professionals and health professionals are becoming aware of the role of vitamin D. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends vitamin D to prevent respiratory diseases. It is believed that vitamin D supports the function of the immune system and muscles and is essential for bone health, dental health and most metabolic processes in the body.

Can Vitamin D Supplements Help?

Vitamin D supplements are available almost everywhere, for example in pharmacies. If you want to be safe, choose a reputable European or German manufacturer.

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tip: When you buy, make sure your vitamin preparation is pure vitamin D3. The preparation should not contain unwanted additives such as flavors, colorants, stabilizers and flow agents.

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This way you can increase your vitamin D levels

To properly protect yourself against vitamin D deficiency and strengthen your immune system, it is important to spend enough time in the summer months with fresh air and sunshine. Also, consuming milk, fish, and eggs can help with the supply somewhat.

Problem: During the winter months, the angle of the sun at our latitudes is not suitable for the production of vitamin D, and food contains a very small amount of essential substances.

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It can help with vitamin D supplementation. This is essential for newborns now. And doctors also prescribe more vitamin D supplements for adults. The recommended dose varies greatly.

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