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Xamax – The most dreadful fall of GC

From 19:00 onwards, Swiss football looks at Neuchâtel. GC will have its last chance in the Battle of the Descent and Xamax will stolen the three necessary points so badly? Read all the news before the Super League shocker!

IT. "Surely, there is nothing in the game," says Uli Forte Neuchâtel's downfall in the face of kutxa. The last GC Xamax is at 9 points. It would be 12 in a win, and then they will play only 5 rounds. Forte: "Yes, then it was almost over." And in the draw today? "It will be difficult then."

X-Curse 5x in succession X and now against Xamax. After five raffles in the raffles, GC fights for X-curse. And the opponent has two more "x" in their name.

Placenta horse GC team leader Marko Basic returned training after three weeks and a half hamstring injury. Forte: "I'm surprised. The Belgian miracle healing has done a lot." Mirjana Kovacevic works with Horse Placenta (LOOK). Is it for partial use?

24.7. GC coach Uli Forte works for hours. In addition to the daily work, the next season the team must also meet the non-sports director. "Planning is tracked". A group for each Super or Challenge League. "But pay attention to our salvation." What says Uli's wife has almost never been home? Forte: "It's Mallorca for children. I also booked a card, but I had to cancel it for a short notice.

Gentleman. Charles Pickel, Xamax midfielder, is in exchange for GC. Is there an agreement between the two clubs, that pimples are not today? No, says GC. Does Pimple get into the grave?

Laughter 1 The image is a success in the social media. On the road there is a man with a blue PW. At the back door you can see the GC logo with two gold stars. A representative of a horizontal industry is against the window of the open window. She wears a skirt with a skirt and high-heels shoes: "Is Sunntig's son playing?" They say they are married to the GC car: "Yes, it's the captain." GC junior coaches mentioned the revelations they had left in the hands of their parents. A mother of junior GC missed her mother as far away as "they spread their legs to get their children a regular place."

Laughter 2 On the Internet, a party invites invitations to circulate on the 25th of May at 11:00 hours in Zurich. Two hours before, the final game of the GC tournament will be finished in Lugano – if the record-players can not enter into miraculous games. Celebration party: fall party!

Laugh 3 No joke: Swiss Startup Factory invites you to the Zurich conference on May 23. Speaker Timo Jankowski, junior coach of GC. He talks about the "building a high-performance culture". German Jankowski played a key role in the spring Tomislav Stipic, the junior coach of Eintracht Frankfurt to succeed Thorsten Fink. On April 9, after only 3 matches in 3 matches, Stipic had to make Uli Forte the way.

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