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YB Sports Director Christoph Spycher does not want to become a National Manager!

Christoph Spycher (40) gives the Nati cart. YB sports director will continue with Berners.

Again and again, Christoph Spycher is linked to Nati-Manager Office. Not surprisingly, YB makes a number of the country all the time and the first title in Bern has been running for 32 years.

Now, YB's sports director encourages rumors. "Put pressure on that situation." Spycher will extend the summer contract with the Swiss champion in the coming days. "Of course, we will negotiate first, but I'm not interested in the association and negotiating with YB against each other. We will probably find a solution that fits in with ideas and ideas."

The referee of the SFV has proclaimed the national player 47 times: "I took the landmark decision. I am not available for this position. " Reason: "The YB environment was great, it would be very difficult to leave this project, which was not an association, but with YB. I feel that my future should lie with YB."

Revocation details have not been published by Spycher. «I had an overview of this feature. That was a fundamental decision. It was a game with open viewers. Financial was not even talked about. According to the discourse, I can not say anything else. "

Finally, in the summer a new super manager needs to be found. In December, the association has created a list of candidates selected. The name Spycher was up.

Other names include: Peter Schäbel, current CEO of Schalken, technical director of SFV, Adrian Knup's league director, and sports director of San Galle, Alain Sutter. Afterwards, former Fredy Bickel, YB and FCZ sportswoman, now contracted with Rapid Wien and the sports director Thunen Andres Gerber.

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