Friday , February 3 2023

A Bianyu accepts a "sudden connection" for the candidate to have a strong support for Cai government – ETtoday News Cloud

A Bianyu approves a "sudden connection" The candidate swears Cai to be a strong member of the government ETtoday News Cloud

▲ Former President Chen Shui-bian. (Photo / Report Zhang Yizhong) Political Center / Comprehensively Report Chen Shui-bian former 30th Facebook "Chen Shui-bian New Brave Story," a list of the Taichung City District "one country in a single country" has been published, calling at the end of each year in the Electoral Campaign , centralized voting was supported, democratic voters supported national sovereignty, and favored the standardization of the Taiwanese state, and Cai was a strong support for the government. Chen Shui-bian said that "he joins a country in one country" and "defends a country in Taiwan, a country and a country, and" a flat affair is a political event and rehabilitation is needed "; "A connected country" is not a political party, not an event and no other. The political group, but the combination of ideas and the cohesion of justice forces, conveys the determination and courage to be a master of the Taiwanese country and governed by the Communist Party of the Continent. Chen Shui-bian has pointed out that in the last few years, literary saskas in the Peninsula have accelerated and the slogan of the Shang dynasty has increased. However, the people of Taiwan are not afraid, the power of the people is infinite and the voice of "one country" is even bigger. For this reason, in the end of the election campaign, the candidates for parliamentary elections are fully admitted, using votes that support national sovereignty and defend justice in judicial reform and at the end of Taiwan. In order to bridge the road to standardization in Taiwan, Cai wants to be a strong support for the government. ▲ List of recommended countries in the City of Taichung. (I have to say something …) (I have something to say …) (I have to say something …) (Photo / "Flip Shadows" by Chen Shui-bian)

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