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Do you strictly review the sharp flow of gold before the election? Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank, said this Finance | NOWnews News Today

▲ Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank. (Photo / Informative Yan Zhenzhen)
▲ Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank. (Photo / Informative Yan Zhenzhen)

Elections go forward, the government avoids money laundering, and the financial flows that control rigorously control are rigorously controlled. The heads of the three ministries will go on a report on the Parliament's project next Monday (October 22), and important written reports have also been released. Yang Jinlong, the chairman of the central bank, underlined that China's foreign exchange fund management is liberalized and there are no regulatory powers and measures. However, individual banks may take risk-based measures to strengthen case-by-case reviews.

The FSC said it has not been the main goal of the peninsula. In practice, while the client cooperates to offer explanations and information, it will not affect the delivery of its funds. The Minister of Finance, Mr. Jianrong, underlined the need for public money banks to manage cross-border operations in accordance with the provisions of the Treasury Prevention Law and the Dangerous Prevention and Control Law. However, Taiwanese companies did not strictly review flooding, and needed accurate transaction certificates. Otherwise, it is prohibited to send deliveries, etc., and respect the provisions of each bank in accordance with the law.

On October 22, the Parliamentary Internal Affairs Committee will invite the MAC, the Financial Management Committee, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice and other ministries to "go against the government to end the impact of foreign funds in the end of January's elections. Likewise, the Financial Committee is preparing the Special Ministry of Finance, the Steering Committee and the Head of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Justice to provide public reports to prevent bank liquidity prevention and to conduct a rigorous review of gold flows in Hong Kong and Macao.

Before the Legislative Yuan report, the Treasury Department will be in writing by the three ministries. Yang Jinlong, the president of the central bank, underlined that the Chinese financial account has been opened, and foreign currency currencies that are not translated into the Taiwan dollar are completely free. With the new and foreign exchange of Taiwan currency exchanges, exchanges and sales and services trade exchanges are completely free; A direct investment, with the competent Ministry's Ministry authorization and free entry and exit of funds, is completely free, and the investment in home equity is registered in the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Its funds are free entry and exit, and Chinese people can invest in foreign securities through financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance and investment banks.

Yang Jinlong said banks are managing "Financial Terrorism Law", "Prevention of Terrorism and Control Law" and "Financial Measures" to manage financial institutions and other major regulations, and then by central banks based on "exchanges and expenses or transactions." The client accepts foreign exchange and payment transactions or foreign exchange deposits by the central bank and accepts foreign exchange and payment methods or transaction methods for the foreigner established by the central bank. Central banks report system for foreign exchange data as banks are transmitting payment statistics as balance.

Banks accept the declaration of consignments on the peninsula and allow the use of "foreign exchange and payment or transaction notification method". Important payments, etc., are not submissions or submissions that the law accepts. Yang Jinlong has stated that cross-border financial negotiations are called "standards of relations between Taiwan and the continent", in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, if they have the approval of the competent authority, such as the Ministry of Economy or the Financial Management Commission directly. Transactions in securities investments may be processed after the Ministry of Economy and Finance and certification certificates.

Yang Jinlong has stressed that it has not changed the proper revision regulations after the March 27, 2017 change, and there is no new or revised regulation on shipping orders in the peninsula. Therefore, central banks do not have central control and control measures by central banks to enable central banks to control their control and measures, central banks may reinforce case-delivery revision according to their control measures.

The FSC also indicates that money laundering or terrorism risk assessment in different regions will be taken into account by financial institutions as well as information from international organizations, above the National Risk Assessment Report. For those with a greater risk or more damaged areas, they will take appropriate measures based on the risk based principle, instead of the mainland targets.

In addition, in practice, in order to make the customer's explanations and information reasonable, it will not affect the shipment of funds. Currently, the bank applies AML / CFT control measures to abnormal transactions or high-risk clients and businesses, if the client is obliged or if a reasonable explanation is provided, the financial flow, the corresponding services or transactions will not be carried out. They have an impact.

In his written report, the Minister of Finance of Su Jianrong also stated that public banks were protecting banks' money laundering and terrorism in order to manage transboundary operations and to confirm the creditors and creditors information in accordance with the appropriate regulations, to review client shipments transactions and to understand the purpose of shipments. And taking into account the nature, high risk customers or the alleged money-laundering, customer background and daily business models and other factors will be taken into account so that the customer can explain the sources of funds and wealth. If necessary, if you suspect money laundering or terrorist trade, Suspicious transactions.

Su Jianrong said that public banks in public banks that are attached to the Treasury should manage border cross-border operations to prevent money laundering and unlawful legislation and regulations, and non-paying Taiwan companies and collections do not make sharp journals. Tickets are otherwise prohibited for shipping and import. In addition, the Ministry of the Treasury participates as a management agency and, in principle, makes it available to banks in accordance with the law and regulations, and the relevant public bank continues to manage international shipments and other operations, in accordance with the Financial Management Commission, for money laundering and counter-terrorism.

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