Thursday , January 28 2021

If you do not use a Banbro engineer, Apple Daily, it helps with the roles of female roles in the sexual film

A man named Chen (33), a science and technology engineer at Zhuke, was obsessed with an 18-year-old woman assisted by a woman. When he refused to acknowledge him, he used his profession to get into the female cell phone and steal support. Videos of sex videos were also used by women and boyfriends to warn women of bitcoins, and women were afraid of reporting to the police, the police recently arrested Chen Nan.

According to police investigations, Chen Nan last year met last year and helped women for the first time. After finding out, she had a sex transaction for women several times at a price of 10,000 yuan. He was denied the woman who was in support of her boyfriend. Shortly after receiving the woman, he received the message from the person who signed the "hacker" and was threatened by two sexually-sexed men with his boyfriend. He acknowledged that his boys had owed 500,000 debts and had asked the woman to pay for purchased bitches. .

I did not expect everything from Chen Nan. Chen Nan was angry with the confessions, got into the mobile female cell phone and stole the woman's sexual video. In addition to his trick to help women, he planned to break the lover with her. She has been uploaded to porn sites. The police were informed of the investigation and found that Chen Nan was suspected of being arrested several days ago because he was arrested for fear of gaining money to prevent the use of computer secrets. (Break Center / Taipei Report)

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