Friday , January 22 2021

Is 53 years old? Suzuki Ichirus's anchored wife is praised by the frozen age – Zhongshi News

He retired and retired at the mythical star Suzuki Ichiro. After a professional career of 28 years, mainly helping his wife and family with dogs. On 22nd he went to Japan to the United States and rarely appeared with his old wife. Then the beauty of temperament and the beauty of freezing age sparked a dreadful debate among the public: "I do not see 53 years."

Suzuki Ichiro, in his press conference, thanked his wife for paying over 20 years. Before the home match, the wife would take rice at the stadium, during which time he made 2,800 rice balls. In addition to flying to the United States, the wife's arch, a black shirt and jeans, has a short pair of boots, but it's a casual dress that is neutral, but it's hard to conceal the stylish and relaxed temper.

Suzuki lamb, formerly known as Fukushima Bow, is more than 8 years old than Yilang. After marrying, he abandoned the anchoring work and the woman was behind her, taking care of her daily life and becoming a spiritual pillar. Hot talk, "It's beautiful, temperament is very good," "I can not see it every 53 years."

(China Times Newsletter)

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