Wednesday , February 8 2023

Last Mobile Assassin's "Global Upgrade" Assassin's Uprising Dogma – Hong Kong Mobile Game


"Assassin's" Dogma: Uprising "is a strategic role playing game called" Assassin's Dogma ". The player can create his brotherhood as follows, and again depict Assassin Brotherhood's legendary characters. Together with 40 characters, they tell legendary characters and exclusive characters. As your brothers expand to develop your fortress, strengthen your power and strengthen the killer's abilities.

"Assassin's" Dogma: Uprising "will also feature characters such as Ezio, Akira, Lieutenant, Claudia and Machiavelli, as well as more than 20 players dedicated to the game. Unlock new character.

The player can send three killers to complete a small group, participate in secret missions, get to the Fortress Templar and stop their plans, to choose the best choice or to choose the best option for killing. Likewise, the official will set a series of new historical and seasonal seasons, all challenging, nonprofit and new unblock killer.

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