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Latest research "High-screen field blue-green dump" Wu Zijia analysis: Cai Lai will win | Policy | NOWnews News Today

Lai Qingde, South Korea Yu, Tsai Ing-wen
▲ Wu Zijia Analysis: The latest survey on the "Blue Screen Bulging Field": Cai Lai will win (Lai Qingde Yu, Tsai English English face book, 2019.04.27).

"Beautiful Island News" announced a national political survey in April, although Kaohsiung Mayor Korea Yu is still in its first national polls, but Gaoping's polls have become blue and green, and Dean Lai Qingde has won South Korean Yu 11.5. %, Tsai Ing-wen president of the election also won a small surplus of South Korea by 3.1%, so that the president of "Beautiful Island News" Wu Zijia was quite unexpected, the more blunt, according to the survey, "will win Cai Lai ".

Wu Zijia, President of "Beautiful Island News", analyzed the results of the latest study of "Key Time". 26. In Gaoping, Lai Qingde won 35.9% of South Korea's Yu, with 47.4% support. Because DPP lost in the field of Gaoping, they were thrown back a few months; In addition, Tsai Ing-wen's survey of 40.5% of Gaoping was Yu 37.4 from South Korea and Tsai Ing-wen also 3.1. %, "This means that South Korea's Yuk Kaohsiung problem," says DPP's supporters, is diminishing gradually, and the former non-declaration also states: "In case of PK, data Continue, as they will vote tomorrow, DPP will win South Korea. "

▲ Wu Zijiak said survey data show that DPP supporters gradually return. (Exit from the "Time" of the Image Youtube / 2019.04.27)

Regarding the protection of the national presidency, 40.8% of South Korea Yu, 398% Lai Qingde and Only 1.5% are there, and this data is part of the error value. "Kuomintang is the first and Lai Qingde is now tied up."

Wu Zijia said he did not support Cai Lai, but according to survey data, Cai Lai now encourages "Cai Lai will win!" Tsai Ing-wen has missed out with the South Korea. 8.2%, Cai needs only 4% of elections, but Lai Qingde decides and Lai Qingde has become the main vote for 2020.

▲ Wu Zijiak believes that according to the current survey "Cai Lai will win!" ("Time Key" photo / flip Youtube, 2019.04.27)

Wu Zijiak believes that too many people in the Kuomintang are obsessed with the dust of Korean, aside from the voice of the lower people. The biggest bitterness of this kind is actually Guo Taiming. If Guo does not "deprive", he will become. Surrounding Yu of South Korea and the voice of the people behind Korean, Guo Taiming's point will become fatal in the elections. "Because people are bigger than dignitaries, 1% to 99% of war, this must be lost."

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