Sunday , June 13 2021

Lin Yizhen's point of view: what happens to any peninsula? – Wind Media

Lin Yizhen's point of view: what happens to any peninsula? Wind media

The issue of responsibility has rebuilt the subject of Taiwanese concern. The dock is still unknown to the government, because it is still accustomed to conventional eroticism, the continental blame for all things, enthralling responsibility and deceiving people. Cai's government, due to its lack of political responsibility, has no party responsible for the shoulders and responsibility. Of course, it is a bad policy and inadequate policy, but it looks at the desperate minister's disappointment. Japan's typhoon, Kansai airport evacuation and the inability to see, only fake news of the peninsula will be blamed, hard diplomats to pay for their lives, at the beginning of the election of the mayor of the region and the mayor, the Cai government has continuously questioned, recently participated in China's Electoral Continents, Chen Mintong, chairman of the Continental Affairs Council, warned the Chinese continent that Taiwan's democratic system is not in any way, and it would not hurt the Taiwango elections and interfere with Taiwan's internal affairs. To counter the disadvantages of the government's party candidates, counter-infiltration forces in the media can be repeated repeatedly, without any evidence, and the voice of the network to function behind and the power of red forces to hide the power of intervention in the Taiwanese elections is weak, cross-links are not good, There are economic problems. All kinds of things, as shown again, are the arrogance of the bureaucratic governments, the power of the pile, the power to play with power. It will only call the words of the democratic values ​​of Taiwan, but never take political responsibility. Black, blushing pretty calculations, repeatedly scamming, doing everything to blame. Chairman of the Continental Affairs Council, Chen Mingtong, "warned" China not to intervene in the Taiwanese elections. (Photo: Yan Linyu) There is no doubt that plague relationships have already fallen into freezing point. This is known to the people of the city, that is, there is no political dialogue, there is no reciprocal trust policy, and the welfare of the people of Taiwan is harmful and painful. Unfortunately, to maximize the votes, Taiwanese people can ignore happiness and security, it again and again causes disappointments on the enemy and Chinese against deliberate discomfort, Taiwanese security, Taiwango security and the welfare of people are not completely. Serious injuries, will …

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