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NBA "A Brow Has Goed? Solution – Zhongshi News

鹈鹕 Twitter official responded quickly to Anthony Davis's cover at Halle Dale. (taken from eunuchet)

"Anthony Eyebrow" also announced that Anthony Davis did not renew his contract, demanded a transaction, and "he turned his face" quickly! On Twitter officially, in the morning, in position 31, Davis's senior manager's 30-day leadership control defeated Rockets's design, which is to suggest that Davis will soon be announced.

Even though Eunuch does not change the movies, he tries to pay attention to the personal account of Anthony Davis, and it is clear that Davis has nothing to do with, but Davis has entered the champions since 2012. Well, for example, to support six multi-ball stations, there is hard work and hard work, and it's not that hard.

"New York Times", authoritarian magazine Stein also sparked the news, could not choose the start of the All Star Game West this year, leaving the last straw in Davis "in search of Davis data (29.3 points, 13.3 rebounds and 4.4 Aid), the record and the market shouted clearly, that is, one of the reasons it definitely left. "

Today, except for Lakers who are actively involved in Davis, most of the young players may be used as commercial chips. New publicity has also been publicized. Except for the "Coin brother" Atticopo, David will be able to negotiate as many as. Sri Lankan conditions, but senior management does not rush, all groups are waiting for commercial chips to open.

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