Wednesday , January 27 2021

Next, buy Asus! Iron powder column 5 great advantage to help ZenFone mobile phone

(Reporter / photo by Liu Huiqin)

As a national brand, the ASUS ZenFone series has a bundle of iron powder. users"Mobile01"Forum discussion, why will it continue to support ASUS mobile phones, many iron powder indicate that the CP value is high, power is the main reason, and some people say that the system is stable.

The manager mentioned that ZenFone 5Z was very pleased, and the design and internal UI gave him great praise, and ZenFone 6 could not wait for the public. At the end of the article, I asked other netizens: "Why do you like it and keep buying ASUS phones?" To discuss the attractiveness of many iron casts.

A netizens, with their family, support ZenFone 2 and 5 and have accumulated more than 10 ASUS phones, all have been fixed. At the same time, the five main advantages are listed, that is, "ZenUI easy to use", "Taiwan brand", "after-sales service", "high CP value" and "low failure rate" are listed.

It refers to the "price" mentioned several times. Zenfone 5Z, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 main processor in 2018, is available for designating $ 15,000. Secondly, it was confirmed by ZenFone's power, some of which were driven by MAX series. Asustek has recently discovered "Bao Ke Meng A Bo" for Chen Sanyuan for the ZenFone Max Pro platform. 5000mAh was a pain of many high-power users.

(Reporter / photo by Liu Huiqin)

According to the latest announcement of the "Price King King" market, the ASUS brand market share is down 8.1% in Taiwan's fourth position, only behind Apple, Samsung and OPPO but also Huawei. However, Asust's mobile phone development has been quite difficult: this week, the fourth quarter earnings report and the year-to-year earnings and losses of 2018 have been released, smart phones lost 12.07 million euros a year.

Looking ahead, Asus and Asus announce that the new ZenFone 6 has already been announced by MWC on May 16 with a "pop-up lens" and "open-hole" screen. Additionally, this year, President Shi Chongxi said he would pay more attention to the "Power User" customer and ROG Phone production line mobile phone production line could launch new products.

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