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Taiwan promotes Cai Xihui? Academic: There is no hope | Germany voice Germany goes ahead in Germany | DW

(German Voice Chinese Network) President Tsai Ing-wen recently reaffirmed Taiwan that he was not "equally or no political premise" with Xi Jinping. Chen Mingtong, the President of the General Assembly of Taiwan, made more work on July 2, the MAC has worked hard to promote Cai Xihui.

Tsai Ing-wen tells the commitment of the MAC to strive to prevent preconceived talks on both sides of the state: "It's always better to talk in conversation and you're thinking more than just a faraway horizon. There's no sense of reality, there will be some wrong trials." On the other hand, whether they responded to the demands of Taiwan, Cai Xihui's will expressed the willingness of some learned Chinese thinkers, and the other parties said they had their opinions.

However, he reaffirmed the recent use of the so-called "sharp force" of China, including the need to change the name of the internal airlines in Taiwan, which is "very uncomfortable", and stresses China and the expected Cai Xihu "sole yard".

Chen Ming-Tong Continent Affairs Council Taiwan (continent's political issue)

Chen Mingtong, chairman of the Continental Affairs Council, said Cai Xihui would remain active.

How does Cai Xihui work?

Li Mingjiang, Associate Professor of the International Association of International Studies at Nanyang, Singapore, visited the German Voice. Tsai Ing-wen's Xi Jinping's meeting in his office was very small. "I do not see any hope". Cai Xihui explored that the challenge was much more than Ma Xihui. "Now, the so-called" bottom-up "of the continents, you can do something, but do not cross the red lines, otherwise many wrists on the peninsula will be used to break and erase."

He said the key to the bottom line is a consensus on the consensus of the 1992 agreement: "China is China. The attitudes of the territories are very strong. The biggest obstacle is that the Cai government does not meet the requirements of the Peninsula, if Cai Xihui can not be overcome, otherwise it is just a matter of debate. because he can do excessive concessions, because he is also doing great pressure on the island. " Tsai Ing-wen insisted repeatedly that there is no planned speech. From the human point of view, this is the best way, but we can say that it is totally impossible for the continent to be accepted. "

According to the consensus of 1992, Taiwanese President has always had a difficult problem. Li Mingjiang believes there is no room for maneuver: "Some informal statements have also said that the continent will not necessarily ask the DPP to recognize 1992 as a word word, according to Ma Ying-jeou. There is room for flexibility, the meaning of a Chinese summarized and mentioned, basically, is the only passageway ". Nowadays, there is no lack of confidence in both parties. This step is also difficult.

Präsidenten Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan & Donald Trump, USA and Xi Jinping, China

How does Taiwan respond to US political and economic struggles?

The US factor affects the political situation in the island

The Taiwanese party has abandoned the willingness to return to the table business. Li Mingjiang believes Taiwan wants more than Cai Xihui now than China. In fact, the situation in Taiwan is becoming increasingly unfavorable, especially as the international space is getting smaller. In the face of pressure that apparently strengthens the Chinese government, Cai is developing relations between Taiwan and Taiwan.

He said exactly, unlike Ma Xihui, more than two years ago, today's situation has one of the main factors in the United States. "The US factor has overcome the political situation of the Taiwan island, especially in the last year, the National Defense Authorization Law and Taiwan Travel Law, the United States has won Taiwan's Chinese China Card, but the competition, but the emergence of two major Chinese and American powers, becomes more difficult da "picture.

The future of the United States and Taiwan officials and military interactions must be developed. Upon the update, China has great opportunities to step up the Taiwan policy and take action. Taiwan interests may be the victims of Boao in the United States.

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