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The farmer's bonus rose to 8,000 yuan! The incredible response of Su Shi is the wrath of the sergeant – Zhongshi News

The farmer's allowance is controversial again! Su Shichang Executive Director recently identified the "identified" 7256 yuan farmers proposed to increase the current farmer's allowance, then increase to 7969 yuan and spend almost 8,000 yuan for the next year. Likewise, it is important to take care of farmers and enjoy the benefits of economic growth. That way he was told, the worms were bombarded. Some said: "Fights contribute to millions of dollars, morals !," 700 wants to buy tickets, and the progressive aspect is more agile. "The farmer wants a good price, not money."

Chen Mingwen, DPP legislator, asked peasants to help them adjust the base of the farmer's allowance, the current consumer price index (CPI), the economic growth rate (GDP).

The Directorate General of Yuan Executive expects that the growth rate of the CPI for 2019 for 2015 will be 4.14%. From this budget, the support of older farmers will rise by 7,256 yuan to 7,620 yuan next year. If the legislator proposes 9.82% of GDP growth, it will be adjusted. The old farmer's bonus will receive 7969 yuan. COA estimates that it will spend an additional 420 million yuan per year, which will increase by approximately 5.1 billion yuan per year, and Yuan Executive will discuss a meeting between the 7th and 7th month.

The Green Committee, Chen Mingwen, suggested that Yuan Executive should accept the economic growth rate (GDP) according to the standard adjustment of the old agricultural allowance, Su Shi agreed to this and told farmers to share the results and share economic growth.

However, wise agricultural economists admit that farmers want the market, more than a hundred yuan of subsidies, the government continues to support agriculture, but the industry can not change, especially in the election, it will also affect negative social perceptions.

Cai was rescued by the government and lost most of the sergeants. Some people said that "DPP did not lose enough", "Tainan Quantou's KMT election elections … will take 700 yuan and it will not become rich." Farmers were planning to eliminate farmers' subsidies. It is not very important to sell agricultural products. "" Without agricultural policies, people will pay taxes only, X "and" cut military personnel farmers. "Dezheng promotes

Others believe that "more than a hundred-year-old peasants will vote for DPP to vote for you … Invincible loser!", "Grass mud pony! Catch an antelope! Every time you go to the elections, you will get a national card to buy a ticket!" "Plate heads", "Anarchy stack is in the face of a failure, so we always have to cut it off, and now we will enjoy the economic results together, can a bonus add money? This government …"

However, there are some friends to increase the price of the old farmer, saying "farmers do not have a pension, the only freshwater peasant in the old farm, and 8,000 yuan is reasonable", "if a group of more than 30,000 yuan can not survive, then the old farmer Over 7,000 live? ", I need to increase 80,000."

Others believe that it is necessary to control the mythological farmers as quickly as possible. It is necessary to control old farmers according to agricultural resources, depending on the agricultural resources. If they need more than one field or more, they will be able to produce it. Use agricultural insurance titles.

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