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"The Fortress Heroes" has a gap! Hackers can easily steal information | Games | New Head Shell Newtalk

Security Providers

The security provider "Check Point" (number 30) has announced the "Fortnet Hero" (Fortnite) details of online vulnerability for online survival. Photo by Fortnite fan page

The security point "Check Point" announced today (30th) Forttite data vulnerability of popular gaming survival websites, warning that all players of the game may be vulnerable.

Fortress Heroes has almost 80 million players all over the world and loves all Gamers, such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Apart from amateur players, Fortress Hero is also a favorite player for online games, and is very popular among e-sports fans. When the vulnerability is extracted, the attacker can get a user account and personal information, and the payment method that they log in is used to buy a virtual game currency.

In addition, vulnerability can also lead to privacy violations, because the attacker listens to the victim's chat conversation, sounds or conversations in the home or other gaming arcades. The players "Fortress Heroes" have begun cheating and seducing the fake websites that are committed to creating the "V-Buck" currency, and these new weaknesses can be hacked without having to login. to use.

Check Point, the seller of insurance, how an attacker can exploit a vulnerability found in the Fortress Hero session process to get a user account. Researchers have identified three vulnerability defects in network infrastructure in Epic Games while attackers simultaneously authenticate onken-based authentication processes and in a single session (such as Facebook, Google and Xbox) the SSO system steals users' access credentials and accounts.

Epic Games and attacker phishing links will be attacked by seemingly transparent players. Clicking on this link allows the attacker to easily identify his Fortress Hero identity without entering into the login credentials. The researchers at Check Point emphasize the potential weaknesses that can be encountered in two sub-domains of Epic Games, which are vulnerable to malicious attacks, by using a subdomain attacked by the hacker to legitimize the authentication token of the user.

Oded Vanunu, Responsible for Checkpoint Vulnerability, said: "Heroes del Fortaleza is one of the most popular games, and it is possible to invade privacy with hacking. We're still the DJI factory manufacturer, the vulnerabilities found on the platforms used by DJI have been found. The applications are very aggressive and destructive, these platforms have a large number of sensitive data for clients and hackers are increasingly seeing, allowing them to relieve the fulfillment of the authentication of two factors: a weakness stolen an account. "

Check Point informs the existence of Epic Games vulnerability (now solved). Check Point and Epic Games recommend that all users exchange scientific information and develop more secure habits when contacting other people. Users should have their legitimacy suspected on the user's forums and on the links they see on the websites.

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