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Tsai Ing-wen's National Day Speech Speech Bianzhi: Not Telling – TVBS News

Tsai Ing-wen's National Day Speech Speech Bianzhi: It's not said TVBS News

President Tsai Ing-wen gave a speech on National Day yesterday (tenth), before the Chinese peninsular pressure, he said "it will not overcome trust and the concession will not surrender." However, (XI), former president Chen Shui-bian believes that a long story by Tsai Ing-wenen this year means that "the threat to China's" death is "the same as saying" does not say ". Territory will not be the last election. Chen Shui-bian today (11th) spoke on the National Day of Tsai Ing-wen "New Brave Story" on Facebook. "There is no touching or exciting conversation." China's pressure on threats If you do not raise your confrontation and do not fall, what death is waiting for? In general, it seems to be a pity for the end of one year's election. Läs allt! "A-bian recalls the conversation between Tsai Ing-wen at last year's Celebration. He was surprised at two paragraphs, one of which Tsai Ing-wen said to three elected presidents, Lee Teng-hui and Ma Ying-jeou, and thank In addition, Tsai Ing-wen in the process of promoting future constitutional reform, could be compared to representatives of various political parties. Pingk said: "One year has passed. The judicial reform and the opposition parties have directed the constitutional reform issue. Everyone had to sit down to discuss the country. Now, it is the only International Day of the day and the leaders of all the political parties have the same dream. "If the former President wants to invite the current president," not only (only) is the main indicator of reconciliation between the resolution and the opposition, especially (especially) "The best topic is here! You want to keep current events, come close to TVBS News LINE! More TVBS reports are tough! Zhengmei candidate will be able to install" exciting circuit "by wearing national flags by the South Korean Yu PK commissioner, offensive and defensive defense sharp cut 7 million grids "Cool 嫂" to choose Zhou Meiqing horse Taiwan? Ma Yingjiu's reply to Cai Yingguo …

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